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Hello everybody!

Posted By: parak33tz

Hello everybody! - 05/02/12 04:02 AM

I haven't been on here in over three years! anyways I've recently seen pictures of my old keets and now I'm here!

just dropping by to see how long it's been..

I'm getting more parakeets..

so see you guys again soon!
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Hello everybody! - 05/02/12 07:13 PM

Welcome back smile

Good luck with your parakeet search. Are you looking to get one from a breeder or a pet store?
Posted By: Cetan

Re: Hello everybody! - 05/15/12 05:26 PM

And glad to see you back and you too Kelly!
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Hello everybody! - 05/15/12 11:14 PM

Any keets yet parak33tz?

Thanks Cetan. My comp was down for a few months there. It was horrible! lol
Now I come back and it seems everyone has disappeared.
Where ISSS everyone????? It's like a ghost town
Posted By: Jolie23

Re: Hello everybody! - 11/20/13 01:40 PM

Hello! Cute parrots! I love birds
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