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any ideas?

Posted By: WhitePegasus

any ideas? - 12/17/08 12:47 AM

In the last storm my area had, over 400,000 people were left without power and i was one of them. I'm lucky enough to have gotten my power back within 3 days, some will not have it till after christmas.
I wanted to pick some brains and see if anyone had any tips about keeping the keets warm with no power. I sadly have electric heat so it dropped to 50 in here bbrr. I covered the cage with a big blanket and gave them an empty food tub filled with hand warmers (wrapped in towels of course) in hopes that they would huddle in there and stay warm.
any one else have any ideas? Well short of packing them up and leaving, i had NO WHERE to go, all of my friends and family had no power either.
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Re: any ideas? - 12/17/08 03:03 AM

You could always get a small travel cage and put a hand warmer under 1/2 of it. That way they have a place to cool off and a place to warm up.
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Re: any ideas? - 12/17/08 05:23 AM

We have one of those "safe for indoor use" propane heaters. They are great for the Humans also. After our last ice storm we have several alternative heating sources. It was pretty tough here during our ice storm last year. Probably not as cold as your part of the country.
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Re: any ideas? - 12/17/08 05:58 AM

oh i hadn't thought of that one Yowo, i do have a travel cage i should get a slightly larger one so there is room for both of them. They didn't seem to like the food tub frown.
BLR i'll keep the propane heater in mind! We have one at the barn for the grain room and it works wonderfuly. Currently i'm in an apartment and they do not allow any type of indoor heater other than another electric radiator which is NO help with no power lol. I just hope the power does not go out in this next storm. It started snowing about an hour ago and tomrrow afternoon it is supposed to start sleet/freezing rain instead.
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Re: any ideas? - 12/17/08 06:08 AM

is your hot water gas or electric - you could put a hot water bottle under their travel cage.
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Re: any ideas? - 12/17/08 06:09 AM

You might wrap the hand warmers in paper towels so it doesn't scare them as much
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Re: any ideas? - 12/17/08 11:46 AM

We talked about this about a month ago and I don't know if there were any good solutions. I'm worried about the same thing.
I'm going to sew some pouches on his cage cover and get some big hand warmer things. You can get them 5"x6" size.Then I will put another blanket over it to try to hold in the heat. I've never used them but my son says you can feel the heat coming off the hand and toe warmers about a foot from them.Or you can get those ones they make for your back(supposed to last about 12hrs I think) that might even strap around a small cage. I also thought about hot water bottles(I think I'd put one under and on top)-my neighbor has a gas stove so I can get her to heat water as I need it. Do you have a gas stove?
Here is a heater I found online when I was looking for one for my son's truck. It hooks directly to a car battery so if you had a car battery...only problem would be keeping the battery charged? hmmm
I'm not sure about using any kind of propane heater, it kind of scares me.
Anyway, any other good ideas out there..I'd be very interested smile
I hope your power doesn't go out again too. I know some people about 60 miles or so south of us have been without power since Friday's ice storm. We were lucky and got all snow. It's snowing again here now (school is delayed 2 hrs) and they're watching 2 more storms-one on Thurs and one on Sun. Uggggh winter is here! Again!
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Re: any ideas? - 12/17/08 03:42 PM

my only suggestion would be to buy a generator.

they can be costly, but in the long run they really save the day.

we have a generator for those pesky hurricanes. it has to stay outside, they do sell indoor models but they cost more.

we put ours on the patio and run the power lines inside and it works like a charm. we also bought a portable a/c unit because in summer with no power in florida its beyond hellishly awful and it works very well, you could get a generator and a couple ceramic heat fans and your house would be super warm.

i know they cost alot but if you are losing power on a somewhat regular basis and specially with the cold, it might be worth it.
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Re: any ideas? - 12/17/08 07:06 PM

Originally Posted By: BLR
is your hot water gas or electric -

Sadly EVERYTHING here is electric. My first thought was hot water botels but no such luck.
kksuns: I didn't know about the bigger warmers, those are a very good thought. I was in Rite Aid getting candels and found the hand warmers and thought of the gecko first then it took me a while to figure out how i could use them for the birds.
Helwa: My parents just got a generator fridaay, they were without power for a week. At least now i have a place to go if i know i'll be without power for an extended peroid.

I'm so glad it didn't go out again. looks like we got all snow and none of the freezing rain/sleet they least not yet.
thanks for your ideas! feel free to keep posting if u have more i'm sure there are more ppl from up north like me that could use them!
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Re: any ideas? - 12/17/08 07:32 PM

Have your kittees curl up under the keets - wink
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Re: any ideas? - 12/20/08 02:48 AM

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Re: any ideas? - 12/20/08 06:11 AM

thanks for bumping this up for tink_luvs_bubba. I hope it was helpful and i hope you didn't lose power in the storm. The same storm is hitting me at the moment, so far no power outages. we've gotten a lot of snow so far and it looks like there's more to come on Sunday.
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Re: any ideas? - 12/20/08 04:56 PM

During the day, it will be more difficult but during the night, you could do what we used to do as kids. Get several blankets and put some chairs around your bed. drape the blankets and tie or tape them to create a tent. Put your birds in a smaller cage and put them under the tent with you. Your body warmth will keep them warm. During the day, a wool blanket or two is about all you could do besides the hand warmers. You might also consider using straw. You could fill pillow cases with it and put them around the outside and on top. The organic material stays very warm. Have you ever been a barn that stores straw and hay. It is very compfy without heat. Tape the sides of doors and windows where drafts are or put draft blockers at the bottoms. Cover windows with sheets or blankets. You can also cut styrofoam into square sheets that fit into the windows. and cover the glass. It is very cheap and is sold at home depot. The same stuff that goes under siding. If you keep the cold out and the heat in, your daily presence will keep the temp higher. Also, limit opening the doors to go out to a minimum. Kinda like when the power goes out and you don't open the freezer so the meat stays frozen.
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Re: any ideas? - 12/20/08 07:30 PM

Lots of good tips there Joan-thanks
A friend of mine just gave me a bunch of those heat wraps you use for your back(like the handwarmers) They're about 4'x4'-she says they give off pretty good heat and they say they last 8 hrs but she says more like 12 hrs. I'm going to sew pouches on his sheet cage cover in strategic places to put them into. If power goes out I'll cover his cage with it and then put a warm blanket over that.
Along with the tips for keeping out the cold from Joan-hopefully it will keep him warm until power back on or we find someplace to relocate to(depending on road conditions)
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Re: any ideas? - 12/20/08 07:57 PM

dont forget that heat rises so you might want to put them on the bottom of the cage and cover the cage with a heavy blanket
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Re: any ideas? - 12/20/08 08:23 PM

You're right! I probably wouldn't have thought to put one on bottom! I was thinking sides and top,esp where he likes to perch the most.And yeah, def a heavy blanket-wish I still had my Down one-I knew I shouldn't have gotten rid of it! DARN! LOL
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