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Harry potter fan-art..

Posted By: Alyssa

Harry potter fan-art.. - 04/13/06 06:24 AM

I was bored and started doodling Draco.. and then it evolved into this. XD

[Linked Image]

(Sorry if it stretches.)
Posted By: climbtreez

Re: Harry potter fan-art.. - 04/13/06 09:01 PM

Aww their so cute XD. But seriosly they are really good. You should send them to the fan art at Mugglenet or something.

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Harry potter fan-art.. - 04/14/06 01:28 AM

OMG Those are great pics.... How are those drawn?
Posted By: Carlyn

Re: Harry potter fan-art.. - 04/14/06 02:57 PM

wow! beautiful! i've never seen something like it smile great job alyssa! they all look adorable, well keep up the good work! laugh
Posted By: WitchCatXeen

Re: Harry potter fan-art.. - 04/14/06 09:26 PM

Alyssa, I swear we're twins or something... I'm a Harry Potter fan, also. You did good! But you didn't quite capture that dead head look Ron has smile

What about Crabbe and Goyle? ^-^
Posted By: icequeen50

Re: Harry potter fan-art.. - 04/15/06 02:46 AM

very beautiful and a job well done. You really should be out there drawing for companies and in advertising. Think about it! Your very good and don't just let it sit there. Walt disney could always use a fine graghic artist like yourself. You could be desinging the next video game kids.What are you waiting for? GET OUT THERE AND SELL IT!
Posted By: Monterrey0love

Re: Harry potter fan-art.. - 04/15/06 11:26 PM

I don't really like HP but, did you draw those or did you create them with your computer?
Posted By: Alyssa

Re: Harry potter fan-art.. - 04/16/06 12:32 AM

I drew them on the computer with my Wacome graphics tablet and Photoshop. smile

I'm addicted to harry potter xD! I've been reading a lot of fanfiction lately on So I had to draw them. And. I don't really like crabbe and goyle.. I think Draco is the only Slytherin I like XD
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