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Posted By: Noel+Syd+Elliot

Noel.....R.I.P. - 07/19/10 08:50 PM

My only parakeet Noel passed away this weekend. Saturday afternoon I found her on the bottom of the cage, obviously sick. That morning she was perfectly fine. She quickly got worse despite the effort of me and Elliots breeder trying to handfeed her and give her the medicine she needed. She passed away early Sunday morning with only 12 hours of showing signs of sickness.

Sydney(cockatiel) was Noels cage buddy. He is devastated. Non stop calling for Noel, but there will never be answer no matter how loud he screams. Breaks me heart seeing and hearing this.

Noel- 12/26/06-7/18/10

You will always be my first bird Noel.
Posted By: starfire

Re: Noel.....R.I.P. - 07/20/10 01:42 AM

Rest in peace Noel. I wish your flock the best in this difficult time.
Posted By: Kymber

Re: Noel.....R.I.P. - 07/20/10 01:51 AM

I know how you feel. These little birds get into our hearts so easily and it hurts so badly when they go. Sadly, budgies are so good at concealing illness that it is not surprising when they pass quickly once they cannot conceal it further (when my Buddy passed away a month ago he literally showed no symptoms until the day before).

Noel's spirit flies free. Be happy she no longer feels pain.

Sydney will eventually get over it, but he is hurting as much as you are.
Posted By: Noel+Syd+Elliot

Re: Noel.....R.I.P. - 07/20/10 02:24 AM

Starfire- Thank you for your kindness.

Kymber- Thanks. I am sure Sydney is hurting more than me. Him and Noel did everything together, preened each other, ate together, flew together, slept together, ect ect. Now suddenly he has nobody but me and my parents so he is really confused. He is just going to need a lot of attention for a while.

Off to bed. Night Noel.
Posted By: Jessica Cole

Re: Noel.....R.I.P. - 07/20/10 03:03 AM

I'm sorry for your loss. I bet Noel knows that you and Sydney loved...and still love her very much. She flies free now and she's no longer in any pain.

I wish you and Sydney days of healing. <3
Posted By: preciousbaby

Re: Noel.....R.I.P. - 07/20/10 02:27 PM

I am so sorry for your loss. When I read your post, I immediately started with the tears, thinking of my precious Baby girl that passed from me on 03/25/10. Four months without my Baby. I can still feel her go down my shirt and peak her little head out and I would just laugh like crazy and kiss her to death. Her little sister Blossom is not the type of bird to be handled and touched. She does let me kiss her beak. I accept that is how she is and I love her to pieces too!!

Thank God you had the gift of this little keet when you did, and again, my heart breaks for you!
Posted By: 0Budgie0Lover0

Re: Noel.....R.I.P. - 07/20/10 08:28 PM

i can feel what u feel ...... that is soo sad feelings
i loved my budgies but they were sick and died
so painful
i can't stop crying i loved them so much even the words won't describe my feelings and my big love for them
i'm so sorry for you
Posted By: kirbygirl1

Re: Noel.....R.I.P. - 07/20/10 11:59 PM

T.T thats very simllar to what happened to me recintly, my keet feather died a few days ago, his mate, (witch i dont think she cares) lol still calls wondering where the heck he is so she can yell at him where have u been?!. i feel your pain T.T hope your bird flys free with the other wild birds she only dreampt of flying with. im very sorry for u. she's flying with angles now.
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