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My sweet Mango died yesterday

Posted By: korealovesbirds

My sweet Mango died yesterday - 10/31/06 01:42 AM

Hello, I am new to this board. My sweet beautiful lutino died yesterday in my hands. She had a tumor. She was old. But the pain I feel is intense. When does it get easier? Today is harder than yesterday. I never knew how much love one can have for a little bird
Posted By: Stephanie sweet keets

Re: My sweet Mango died yesterday - 10/31/06 01:55 AM

OMG what is going on here?? I mean all our pets are like dieing on our hands. This is SO Awful!! I'm am so sorry to heard the bad news about your keets! frown I hope you feel better and how many birdy do you own??
Posted By: korealovesbirds

Re: My sweet Mango died yesterday - 10/31/06 02:06 AM

I have two now. Skye is a white female with blue splotches. She is not tame, but she is very smart and very funny. Kiwi is a green normal male who has tons of energy and loves to flirt with himself in his green mirror. The pain of losing Mango caught me off guard. It hurts bad. My kids are sad. We had a beautiful funeral ceremony yesterday. We all cried. My husband cried! My 6 year old woke up this morning early and cried more. Does it get easier? She was such a big part of our lives.
Posted By: terryluvsgoldens

Re: My sweet Mango died yesterday - 10/31/06 02:07 AM

sorry to hear about your loss, it's so hard, each thing we do or see , brings a flood of memories, but time does help
I still miss the animals I have lost, but now Ihave many happy memories of them
Posted By: spicka

Re: My sweet Mango died yesterday - 10/31/06 02:09 AM

i feel so bad for you frown
Posted By: L'uccello&Cuddles&Carmine

Re: My sweet Mango died yesterday - 10/31/06 02:10 AM

Wow, that is really creepy. I had a (I think he was Lutino maybe, the one in my avatar) he passed away September 10. And I have a blue and white boy that's skittish and a green boy that's very tame. What a coincidence. The first week is the hardest. It gets easier over time, but there's always a space in your heart for your birdie that passed.
Posted By: korealovesbirds

Re: My sweet Mango died yesterday - 10/31/06 02:25 AM

Wow. Thank you for the words of comfort. I haven't accomplished anything but getting the kids off to school today. Oh, and eating candy and looking up all things parakeet on the internet. My two keets have been twittering away. They know Mango's gone. They are acting different. Any advice about that? I feel so blah. So sad. I had a silent prayer in my heart that I would be with Mango when she died. I didn't expect her to die in my hands. I cleaned her cage. I separated the birds into two cages once Mango wanted to sleep almost all day. Kiwi kept nibbling and bugging her to play. She was old and past playing. Anyway, when I went to put back in her cage, I noticed that she had poop on her bum. Her poop had been wierd the past three days and was sticking to her. I gently washed her bum and then got a towel. Then she got weak and started breathing really hard. She has been breathing strange for several weeks. She went limp in my hands. I just held her and cried and cried. It happened when the kids were at school. I loved her so much. When will I stop crying?
Posted By: birdfriend

Re: My sweet Mango died yesterday - 10/31/06 02:42 AM

I'm so, so sorry.

You may not belive it now, but it does get better. Maybe not today, or even this week, but eventually you'll be ok. You just have to remember that you have two other keets that rely on you and need you to keet being with them.

As for your two keets, because there are two of them, they should be fine. They may act a little "sad" at first since Mango is gone, but they'll bounce back quickly because they have each other.
Posted By: Stephanie sweet keets

Re: My sweet Mango died yesterday - 10/31/06 03:13 AM;f=5;t=006172;p=1#000000 I hope this poem cheer you up a bit...
Posted By: Bandit

Re: My sweet Mango died yesterday - 10/31/06 06:54 AM

So sorry about your Mango. Losing them is hard and each day after is awful. But one day you will be able to think of her and smile without the tears, some times not. But remember, a heart that feels great pain is a heart that is capable of great love.
Posted By: sampa

Re: My sweet Mango died yesterday - 11/02/06 06:31 PM

I am truly sorry for your loss.
Posted By: Josh and Stacy Fisher

Re: My sweet Mango died yesterday - 11/03/06 04:06 PM

I am truly sorry for your loss...
I lost my batgirl a few weeks ago, and she was not a bird that could be held, but the night before she died, she let me hold her for hours. We only had her a few months, But all my pets have me from Hello wink
I wish your family an angel of comfort, and remember that Mango will never be gone completely, because God gives us a wonderful gift called memories!
Take care friend!
Posted By: Branwyn_x3

Re: My sweet Mango died yesterday - 11/15/06 05:50 PM

oh i am so sorry that you lost your mango. my keets are all very young, none older than a year, so i pray that i'll have them a long time. i'm so very sorry. i'll think of you, send you white lite, its healing, so say my dear friends, so i'll do what i can to send it to you. hopefully the pain won't be too overbearing for too long, but i've not lost a pet i was extremely close to ever, other than having to adopt out a dog i adored, and i still miss her 15 yrs later. but my momma died 14 yrs ago, and i'm not comparing, but i'll tell you, its finally getting easier now, but some days.... well. all i want is my momma. and i can only suppose it will be the same for you, in some way. good luck, god bless. white lite, comin' your way now, and all day, and whenever i think of you, which will be often. hugs to you.
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