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Parakeet opening and closing his mouth?

Posted By: Juno & Vika

Parakeet opening and closing his mouth? - 08/12/17 05:22 AM

Hi! I am a total new parakeet owner and have a lot to learn! My friend is going away to college so I decided to take in her 2 prakeets, Juno and Vika. I think they are about 3 years old and Juno is a boy and Vika is a girl. They have lived together their whole lives and apparently have never laid eggs, according to my friend. I am still a bit worried about it though.

My friend didn't really take care of them well, they are super nervous and don't like being around people. I am working to tame them. I am home a lot so I try to be around them, and talk to them. I leave their cage door open when I'm in the room in case they want to come out (they don't lol). I bought some millet so I can start with positive reinforcement stuff. Any advice on taming would be appreciated!!

Ok what this post is actually about is Juno. Just today he started opening and closing his beak a lot. Not constantly, but often. I noticed it started happening after he ate so I was thinking possibly a seed or something stuck in his throat? He did drink some water and eat some more after he started doing it though.

I was also thinking it might be due to stress? I have other animals in my room and he gets a bit freaked out when they make noises or when I move around. Vika foes too but a little less so.

My last thought was a respitory/beak issue. Like I said they weren't taken care of very well before I got them so his beak is sightly overgrown and so are his nails. I got them a cuttle bone and sanded perch covers hoping that would help. My friend told me she barely ever cleaned their cage so I'm very scared there is something wrong with his lungs. He's not making any sound or anything.

If he doesn't stop by tomorrow I'm taking them both to the vet, it would be good to take them in just for a check up anyway. I'm super paranoid as a new bird owner so any general advice will also be greatly appreciated! Thank you smile
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Re: Parakeet opening and closing his mouth? - 08/20/17 04:47 AM

Sorry for just seeing this - it's been busy here! Often that's a sign of the keet being hot - try to cool the room a bit and see if that helps! No direct breeze, though.
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