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a warning to all

Posted By: ahall83

a warning to all - 11/20/11 07:02 PM

hello everyone. its been a while since i have posted and this surely isnt the type of post i was wanting to have to make but here we go.

i put this is the health and medical even though my problem has to do with bunnys because the same thing could happen to ANY animal including keets. and im hoping to prevent it from happening to anyone else. this is going to be long so please bare with me. everyone that knows me knows my animals are my babies and i will do any and everything to keep them safe and healthy. well i failed big time on that.

ive always animal proofed the rooms that the animals would be in and always thought i did a great job of it. i thought wrong. i know i might get some crap for this and that is ok i honestly deserve it. while proofing i checked everywhere that i thought the animals could get... under dressers, behind the couch, behind the tv, behind my desk... you get the idea. well i never thought to look under our grandfather clock. i didnt even realize you could get under it. it turned out to be a huge mistake.

about 2 yrs ago before i had my birds and bunnies we had a mouse problem. and the problem got to be so bad that we put out d-con. well someone put a box behind the clock. which over time somehow got under the clock. when i was making sure the livingroom was safe i looked behind the clock but as i said never thought to look under it. well it was forgotten about.

until my bunnies found it. i didnt realize what was going on until it was to late. my babies died in me and my middle sons arms. it was one of the hardest things ive had to go through. because of me over looking that dang clock my babies paid the ultimate price.

please everyone when you are keet proofing or any animal proofing make sure to check EVERYWHERE. even check places you think are ok. if i would have just pulled that damn clock all the way out and looked at the bottom i would have see it was open and been able to check under it to see if anything was there. so please check and double check everywhere. it is so easy to over look one spot. and in my case that one spot was the one that if i would have looked would have saved their lives.
Posted By: Daniellero

Re: a warning to all - 11/20/11 07:38 PM

I'm so sorry ahall.
Posted By: Mandie

Re: a warning to all - 11/20/11 07:40 PM

Omg!! poor babies! Look i know this is hard! i lost my dog a few years ago because my landlord told me the house was pet and kid ok and friendly well my dog got a hold of some poison and it killed him.. It happens! try not to be to hard on your self! i probably would have over looked the clock as well! you did your best! and that is what counts! Best of luck to you and your family!
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: a warning to all - 11/20/11 08:14 PM

im so glad you are sharing this story for all to learn but so sad of what sorry for that but as said dont be hard on yourself

there was a time also i lost a beautiful siberian huskie ...not because i forgot about the poison bait as they didnt have the sort of traps they do now to catch those lil beasties and out and around the kennel we had mice problems getting into the kennels and eating the dogs food wasnt because they got the was because one of the mice who did managed to come into contact still somewhat alive and the sibe tried to finish it off and kill it an ate half of it which had ingested the poison and we couldnt save her....

accidents are not called accidents for nothing ...hard to deal with but its not exactly like negligence on your part either tried did what you could just forgot one of them...

the good thing is we ...none of us now have to deal with that sort of poison bait with mice...where they have the new kind of traps ...

it may not help much ahall...but this isnt a first ...but it only takes once sadly then we are better prepared so it NEVER happens again...just too bad the price some of us pay to learn sometimes...again tho it was not due to negligence on your part...

(((((((((ahall)))))))))) huggies sweetie
Posted By: ahall83

Re: a warning to all - 11/20/11 08:26 PM

thank you so very much everyone. i hope that my post will help to be a reminder to people to check everywhere. even places you dont think could be an issue.
Posted By: tessboss

Re: a warning to all - 11/20/11 08:43 PM

So so sorry ahall. Please do not beat yourself up, it could have happened to anyone and I know you would never have done this on purpose. It was an accident plain and simple.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: a warning to all - 11/20/11 10:15 PM

Oh man ahall, I am so so sorry. We DO know you treat and love all those animals like your babies and always do your best by them.
Please, like everyone else is saying, try not to be too hard on yourself.
It must have been hard coming here and sharing that...Thank you for that. Making others aware is so important. If only one learns from this, a life could be saved.

((((((hugz)))) to you and yours.
How are the kids dealing?
Posted By: linda jean

Re: a warning to all - 11/20/11 10:15 PM

sorry for your lose I had a lop eared bunny once.his name was snuggles he lived to be 8 years old.
Posted By: ahall83

Re: a warning to all - 11/20/11 10:31 PM

thank you tess, kk, and linda.

kk the kids took it bad. but im not one to hide things from them. and im glad i didnt. they each got to give both bunnies a hug and kiss and say goodbye before they died.

i guess david heard me telling the bunnies i was so sorry. later that night he said to me mom its not your fault you dont need to be sorry. which of course made me ball!
Posted By: kksuns

Re: a warning to all - 11/21/11 12:40 AM

I think it's great you don't try to hide things from the kids. They needed to say their good byes just like you did.
It's kind of sad, but it's loving and losing pets as we grow up that prepare us a bit for bigger losses later on in life.

That David of yours is one smart little man smile
Posted By: ahall83

Re: a warning to all - 11/21/11 01:12 AM

they were very happy they were able to give each bunny a kiss and say goodbye before they passed.

it amazed me hearing that come out of davids mouth. i mean its one thing to hear it from adults but a completely nother thing to hear it from a 9 yr old boy.

i know i shouldnt blame myself but its so easy to think of everything i could have done diff. like check things better. notice it sooner then i could have gotten them to a vet.

they passed within an hour and a half of each other. which i though was so crazy. i mean what were the odds that they would pass so close to each other. david held the black one on his own insisting knowing fully what was going on. he sat there so nicely with him until he passed. talking and stroking him. it was the sweetest thing. i wish people had half the compassion that children have.

all three of my boys want me to print them up pics of the bunnies for in their wallets so im going to do that this week. i have some very great pics to choose from. i take more pics of my animals than anything.

thank you again everyone. your understanding and compassion means the world to me.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: a warning to all - 11/21/11 02:06 AM

well your family ahall to many of us...i think you know that by now...we all share so much hard not to feel like family after a time... ok my coffee is ready and time for me to kick back...said i was going to kick back hours ago but i got some steam and motivate so i kept going and tomorrow im sure ill be letting out some rather serious groans...but thats tomorrow ...giggle
Posted By: ahall83

Re: a warning to all - 11/21/11 02:22 AM

you could have came here and helped me clean! come on now. lol. i surely do know that and that is why i feel so comforable sharing so much with you guys. thank you again
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: a warning to all - 11/21/11 02:35 AM

hey hey...i could never keep up with the menagerie you have for animals your stuck cleaning alllllllll yourself lady ...gnite now... sleep
Posted By: ahall83

Re: a warning to all - 11/21/11 02:40 AM

hahaha. its easy. and i wouldnt have my house any other way. good night. although youll be back
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: a warning to all - 11/22/11 10:11 PM

I'm so sorry to hear about the poor little creatures. As everyone else has said, you did your very best to make the home safe and there is only so much a human being can do. There will always be those tiny places that aren't checked. We learn and grow and move on.

It is wonderful that you posted the details here - hopefully it will help other pet owners do an even more thorough search of their own environments, to save pets lives.
Posted By: ahall83

Re: a warning to all - 11/23/11 12:31 AM

thank you lisa. that was why i posted here. i am hoping that this tragedy will help people to remember to try and check everywhere.
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