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Need Parakeet Psychologist!

Posted By: parnelli

Need Parakeet Psychologist! - 05/08/11 10:31 PM

I need advice concerning my two female budgies. Sunny is 7 & Boughie is 5. I had Sunny for two years alone as a young bird who obviously was extremely shy. I assumed it was from mishandling at some point in her short life. She hid from me for almost a year in the corner of the cage, only eating when no one was looking at her. I was not ignoring her at this time, coaxing gently, using music, keeping a calm atmosphere, etc & remaining patient. When she finally emerged from her shyness, she became a bird who bites, despite every Lisa Shea method I tried to discourage this. I have gotten approx. 30 seconds of what I would call affection from this bird in the 7 years I have owned her. When she was two, I slowly introduced Boughie, a delightful, curious and outgoing budgie,who turnedout to be another female. Boughie adored Sunny. Sunny was & continues to be so mean to her, it breaks my heart. It has now been 5 years. Should I get rid of Sunny? When separated, they calltoeach other until reunited. I consider Sunny a lost cause, I feel so guilty for Boughie's suffering.
Advice, Dr. Phil for parakeets?
Posted By: Connor G

Re: Need Parakeet Psychologist! - 05/08/11 11:49 PM

You could maybe try separating them in to two separate cages and putting the cages side by side. Then they are still together but not able to nip at each other.
Posted By: tessboss

Re: Need Parakeet Psychologist! - 05/09/11 11:19 AM

I agree with Conner. If you get rid of her, she will probably end up in a bad situation because of her issues. Very few people will tolerate any negative behavior in any animal and she is too old to be re homed I think.

God put her in your life for a reason, maybe you have some lesson he needs you to learn or maybe he thinks you are the one to provide the rigjt home for Sunny. Mhhhh
Posted By: parnelli

Re: Need Parakeet Psychologist! - 05/29/11 03:33 PM

I apply your point of view in dealing with humans all the time but never when it comes to animals. Thanks for the insight!
Posted By: sixbirds

Re: Need Parakeet Psychologist! - 07/13/11 02:41 PM

With four birds, you can imagine mine get in squabbles sometimes, and i just say "Hey!" or something similar to distract them and break it up. If they don't stop, I go over there. Make sure the cage is big enough and they have more than one food/water dish and plenty of toys/perches because one of those things could be why. So far as when she bites YOU, what worked for me is i would catch the bird and just hold it for a minute and it would bite for the first few seconds but i pretended it didn't hurt and he stopped. If they think its pointless, they won't do it. But make sure you don't squeeze the bird when you are holding it. thats the best way i've found to stop them from biting humans. and pet her when you are holding her to show her you won't hurt her
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Need Parakeet Psychologist! - 07/13/11 06:41 PM

I have to disagree. You should NEVER restrain a bird. Unless of course it's for emergency, medical reasons..administering meds.. or something like that.
To do so otherwise will just make the bird distrust you. It scares the heck out of them and will make them fearful of human hands.
Posted By: tessboss

Re: Need Parakeet Psychologist! - 07/13/11 07:23 PM

I agree with KK. I had to restrain Bob for 10 days for meds and I worked real hard after the ten days to regain his trust. I hope I never have to give meds again.
Posted By: sixbirds

Re: Need Parakeet Psychologist! - 07/14/11 04:38 AM

in this specific case, where they have owned the bird for five years, and the bird is bullying the other bird and the owner is considering getting rid of it, something needs to be done. Brand new kittens are afraid of being picked up too by the way...But if you pick them up a lot they get used to it. and tessboss, your bird didn't trust you because you forced meds down its throat, not because you restrained it. And im not talking about holding the bird upside down or in any weird way, i just mean cupping a hand around it so it cant fly away.
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