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Posted By: jonn

I NEED HELP ASAP!!!! - 02/06/11 12:07 AM

my sister stepped on my parakeet while he was walking around. he keeps moving in circles, i think he's blind in one eye because one eye is all red. He's eating but at the same time he goes in a circle, it looks like hes trying to see through one eye. Is there anything i can do? before he would twitch his neck/head. Right now hes sleeping. Should i put him to sleep or should i just wait it out? I can't afford a vet right now the closest one is almost 2 hours away.
Posted By: Noel+Syd+Elliot

Re: I NEED HELP ASAP!!!! - 02/06/11 04:41 AM

Vet asap!!!! There is nothing you can do. This parakeet needs to be taken to the vet asap. Something could be seriously wrong. The longer you wait, the worse your bird could get.

I have never seen a bird run around in circles. Something is wrong there. And a red eye? That sounds bad.

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