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parakeets suddenly refuse to leave cage

Posted By: Skish

parakeets suddenly refuse to leave cage - 09/02/10 06:15 PM

hey! so I have two parakeets and I've had one for around five years and the other for maybe three? they usually cant wait to leave their cage and fly around but recently every time we open it they just stay in it. They don't fluff up or anything and they don't look particularly sick. Just kind of tired. The last time they went out is a few days ago.

My family recently went on vacation for a week and we left the cage door open for them as we do every time we go on vacation. Do you think it could be the heat? are they both sick? i'm so worried frown

EDIT: one left the cage and then after like an hour the other one followed. Sky, the second one to follow seems to have trouble flying and his wings shake and droop. Is it possible that he injured himself?
Posted By: Kymber

Re: parakeets suddenly refuse to leave cage - 09/03/10 11:23 PM

Anytime you see a drastic change in behavior on the part of a budgie, it is a good idea to take them to an avian vet. Birds instinctively hide infirmities so as not to appear vulnerable to predators and by the time they are not concealing their problems whatever is troubling them has likely progressed to the point where every minute counts.
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