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Posted By: TuTu's Daddy

worried - 12/02/07 07:39 PM

i bought white star about a month ago but now he keeps one foot in and is puffy. my friend says its the cold weather. is this true?
Posted By: Skish

Re: worried - 12/02/07 08:21 PM

Well, is he like this all the time or only when he's sleeping? The one foot things is a good sign, since that means that he's just resting the other foot, and is comfortable enough to do it without fearing attack.
A bird are just puffy when they sleep? If since it's winter here, my birds are puffy when they sleep.

If he's like this most of the time, though, I would see a vet since that's a sign of sickness.
Posted By: TuTu's Daddy

Re: worried - 12/02/07 08:27 PM

im not sure i JUST noticed it today. tyvm though
Posted By: lamonsas

Re: worried - 12/02/07 08:35 PM

well ur keet is like that for how long? its very cold here in ny , its snowing today but my keets are the same and its hot in my house so what does cold weather outside have anything to do with ur keet being puffy from cold outside? isnt ur house warm? id say take the keet to a vet, are u gonna do that ?
Posted By: TuTu's Daddy

Re: worried - 12/02/07 09:22 PM

of corse dude if i see its getting wrose duh. becuase this has happened to tutu and she got over it in one day so lets hope its not serious.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: worried - 12/02/07 10:21 PM

Pulling a foot up into feathers and being puffy sounds like a normal sleepy birdie, to me - maybe a bit chilly but maybe not. I'd say if White Star is doing this all the time then he might be ill, but if it's pretty much only during nap time or at night then he's probably okay. smile
Posted By: TuTu's Daddy

Re: worried - 12/03/07 05:05 AM

wow ok he looks better, it was about 10 am so like i guess he was sleepy and chilli
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