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Chocolate - 02/15/06 01:36 AM

From Lisa's update:

'Happy Valentine's Day everyone! You might be getting chocolate in your house today. If you do, please be careful to keep it far away from your pets!
Chocolate can be very toxic for most small animals. Pets don't know that chocolate is dangerous. All they know is that you are eating it and that it looks yummy. Keep chocolate in its wrapper or somewhere that a pet most definitely cannot get to it. It might only take a few bits or nibbles to cause serious problems.'
Posted By: sixbirds

Re: Chocolate - 02/15/06 01:58 AM dog is very wierd. she ate an entire hershey bar one day..we were expecting her to die but she lived. then my mom made two batches of brownies..and left them on the table to cool, right before we went to bed. in the morning ALL of them were gone..only thing was crumbs and saran wrap..but then we REALLY expected her to die. but for some reason, she is still alive to be a sneaky little chocolate thief...she must have a REALLY good immune, she ate an entire block of cheese. like..half a pound if not more, and shes STILL alive..(thats a good thing)..but dang.. i dont want her to die. but from all the stuff she has gotten to in her nine years..shes not fat or dead..
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Re: Chocolate - 02/17/06 04:47 PM

whats your problem? i said she was sneaky. we dont leave anything around for her except for dog food. i said she was lucky and so were we. your very rude! i do care about her and we try not to leave stuff in her reach. but like the other day. i left a bowl of tuna on the table, walked to the fridge, and got the mayonaise, i turned around and my cat was already eating it. or the time where we went to a christmas party and my mom left two pies cooling under foil, when we came home, my dog had eaten it. its not our fault and dont accuse me of ANYTHING because "I" didnt do it. my mom is usually at fault so dont accuse me!!!!!!!! i KNOW chocolate can kill a dog. thats why we were worried about her. we would have taken her a vet but she wasnt acting sick or showing signs of so whatever!!
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Re: Chocolate - 02/17/06 05:52 PM

Don't let that bother you threebirds, just ignore it.

This person doesn't know anything about you or your life or your family. Cats and dogs can be sneaky and can get into things they are not supposed to, that are not good for them. We had a dog that stole the turkey dinner...things happen. And in a busy active household, things happen...this is life!
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Re: Chocolate - 02/17/06 07:12 PM

yes, i agree. accidents happen. like peoples keets get away, you dont just call them irresponsible. things happen..
Posted By: J-Bo

Re: Chocolate - 02/17/06 11:53 PM

Good information Nikkums, thanks. smile

I didn't find your posting rude but this is where kids and forums have problems. They don't understand when fact's being given and take things personally. I think threebirds post is rude but then most of us will overlook that because she's a kid.

We all kow animals can be sneaky, but we take precautions just as with toddlers/children we take precautions and not leave the wrong stuff out. threebirds, try to see it from the other perspective and not be so scathing.
Posted By: sixbirds

Re: Chocolate - 02/17/06 11:58 PM

this seems to me to be a very lackadaisical attitude towards a beloved pet. that is what he/she said. thats not true AT ALL. i care about my pets and take the best care of them i possibly can, and he doesnt know anything about my attitude >.< i have no attitude towards my pets. that stuff that happened was stretched out over nine years. thats like..less than one accident per year.
Posted By: J-Bo

Re: Chocolate - 02/18/06 12:04 AM

Translates that way to me. You weren't called irresponsible, read the post again. This is where kids in forums without parental supervision come unstuck. I think we've had enough on this. Subject closed.
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