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God's Court

Posted By: PDM

God's Court - 07/24/07 12:59 PM

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Originally Posted by Niki
'As for the issue of "Satan," the truer translation of the word used in the book of Job, I believe, is the accuser. Not the proper noun of "Satan."

And I don't believe this accuser is at all an evil deity, just a part of God's heavenly court.

This accuser, supposedly the accuser of mankind, is addressed by God, with God initiating the conversation with one of those beings in his court.

The accuser questions this supposed righteous man's purposes, saying do this or that, and surely Job will curse you to your face.'

Originally Posted by PDM
'So you think that God has a court?'

Originally Posted by Niki
'Indeed. Different topic perhaps though.'

Here is the 'different topic' thread.

So, what are your thoughts?

Do you think that God has a court?
Posted By: nicolo

Re: God's Court - 07/24/07 04:29 PM

if he does, we're the jury LOL!--nicolo
Posted By: Niki

Re: God's Court - 07/24/07 08:06 PM

I believe there's a hierarchy in Heaven, with God as the one ultimately on the throne. I read a lot of the idea of a heavenly court much like that of the Greek and Roman godly pantheon in a book breaking down the Hebrew Bible. I don't have it with me right now though. But there's a few references in the bible to this sort of Pantheon type assembly which add a little more depth to/beyond this "God alone" idea.

As I said, I'm edging closer to believing that this "Satan" or accuser is either a part of God's court, or part of His nature. Though I'm steering from the later, the former seems very probable. Especially since not only does this accuser have free access to the throne of God, as seen in Job, and he isn't yelled at for being there. Not to mention, God seems to dispatch him/it to do to Job what ultimately, God agrees on doing.

Most of this idea comes from verses stating God superiority over "the other gods." The statement conceeds the existence of others. So perhaps there is a court of "gods." I mean, in a way one can say angels operate like a part of a godly pantheon.

But it's all theoretical really. Can't say until we see it. Some Christians get all upset at the mention though. God forbid God not operate alone.
Posted By: Carl

Re: God's Court - 07/24/07 09:48 PM

Odd that Niki can think "theoretically" about a godly pantheon and how some Christians get upset, and yet interpret the Bible in such a rigid fashion when it comes to the "abominations."

Might Job have been an allegory dealing with how all people face "victories" and "tragedies" in our lives, and can either blame God or others or ourselves, or accept things as part of the challenge of life? I've seen church people who equate "blessings" as signs of being God's chosen.

In seminary, I worked and my wife worked, and I had some VA educational benefit left. This was in the days of "Smile if you love God." After working a 12-hour night shift and then going to day classes, it was hard to paste on a phony smile. And some had the "blessings" of full support from church, family, or friends. This was seen as evidence that God had called them, because "God will bring it to pass."

Perhaps God loves ALL of us? Maybe the good things and bad things are not evidence of his love. And maybe the ones of us who are able to be more authentic and to not fall apart during crises and tragedies have a duty to help others.

Instead of a court with a judge, accuser, defender, and jury, maybe we should have a world where humans are all subject to death and taxes. Wait a minute. That is what we have.
Posted By: Niki

Re: God's Court - 07/24/07 10:12 PM

Originally Posted by Carl
I've seen church people who equate "blessings" as signs of being God's chosen.

Indeed. Although certainly the opposite, curses wouldn't be thje sign of God's chosing, we interpret blessings usually as good times. A good job, loving family, sweet kids, the material stuff. But the true blessing and miracles are those who can come out of the other end of the storms of life with their head raised high, I'd say.

And yeah, I'm an odd one. =/ Can't help it I guess. Keeps me from being to predictable.

You're break down of Job is pretty cool though, although has more to do with the other topic on "Job, Satan and God" than this topic of a heavenly court. =P
Posted By: LordsLady

Re: God's Court - 07/24/07 10:25 PM

Carl....loved your piece on Job.


Posted By: PDM

Re: God's Court - 07/25/07 01:03 AM

Niki, when you say 'court', do you mean a royal court, or a court of law?

Where have you read about this idea?

If it is so much like Greek and Roman mythology (to which I certainly likened the story of Job), why do you believe that this Biblical version true, while the pagan pantheons are mythological?
Posted By: Carl

Re: God's Court - 07/25/07 02:28 AM

Thanks, Niki and Lord's Lady.
Posted By: Niki

Re: God's Court - 07/25/07 05:16 AM

PDM- Not sure about difference in specific court. I'm not to sure it's either really, or maybe both.

I'll have to give the book name, author, and quotes when I return to my apartment and have my laptop going. =/ Sorry on the hold. I heard of the idea from the book, and from a professor whom I've taken a few courses under.

Cause the Bible is where my faith is. =P Simple as that really. And I wouldn't say the pagan pantheons are mythical. I simply wouldn't call their "gods" gods, at least to the point where they have abilities like the god. I believe in demons, and as such, beleive they can operate in many ways. Perhaps Baal and Marduk were real, and deceptively revealed themselves to the people as gods? Or, maybe the people observed activities by God/El/Yahweh and interpreted it in their own way. Like how so many narratives are similar between religions. The creation, the flood, many accounts being very similar. The pagan people simple interpreted it one way, since they were not in fellowship with Yahweh, they attached their own specifics.

But back to the pantheons and why I hold the Bible true. I have my reasons for believing the Bible over others. I might even go as far as to saying the Bible is the true account or idea, while the others are a reflection thereof, in some ways, in other ways an expansion. Not all too sure, still theorizing about the specifics.
Posted By: Carl

Re: God's Court - 07/25/07 11:04 AM

Deductive vs inductive reasoning.
Posted By: leyibop

Re: God's Court - 09/20/22 08:41 PM

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