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Do you practice tsundoku?

Posted By: Lisa Shea

Do you practice tsundoku? - 07/29/18 11:10 PM

Do you practice tsundoku? Are you perhaps an expert at it? Tsundoku is the art of buying so many new books that you don’t get around to reading them all.

I’m doing my best to declutter at this stage, but I used to be quite addicted to buying books. I really did read most of them, though smile.

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Posted By: Chris889

Re: Do you practice tsundoku? - 02/07/19 12:03 PM

I feel you. I tend to buy books especially if the covers attract e but I don't read them anyway. Not just books, this also goes with the clothes I have in my closet.
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Posted By: Sherrylin

Re: Do you practice tsundoku? - 01/18/20 07:55 AM

I feel happy to find this page, my major is literature, so when I was a university student I read a lot of books and wrote lots of reader response.
Even now there are still lots of books in my bookrack , honestly I don't read all,sometimes because my work is busy ,sometimes because I am lazy.
I thought about get rid of some of them,maybe some people need these books more than me.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Do you practice tsundoku? - 01/24/20 10:58 PM

I am trying to be attentive about buying books, reading them, and then passing them along. That way they fresh lives in other peoples' hands.
Posted By: Waqa11

Re: Do you practice tsundoku? - 03/02/20 08:09 PM

I really love books, it's nice to hold them in my hands!
But I forbid myself to buy, in my apartment there is not enough space!
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