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Taming a wild Budgie

Posted By: Kmckowen81

Taming a wild Budgie - 11/02/16 07:05 PM

Approximately three weeks ago I had a male budgie fly up while my son and I were playing outside and we were able to catch him. Since then I made the mistake of grabbing him to handle him because I had not yet researched how to handle\tame a budgie. This way of handling him wasn't getting me far so I educated myself as much as possible and have been following the steps to hand taming a budgie. He now sits quietly in his cage or sometimes sings while my hand is in the cage. I've been doing this step for over two weeks now and as soon as I move my hand any closer to him he jumps or fly's away. I would try to distract him with treats but he will not eat anything but his bird seed! He doesn't even like the spray millet that most budgies love! I realize this could take months but my question is; did I traumatize him by grabbing him to where he won't be able to trust me and is it possible to train a budgie that was in the wild and could possibly be older?
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Taming a wild Budgie - 11/08/16 04:56 AM

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It is definitely possible to train any parakeet - the key is just to be patient. Parakeets can live up to 15 years so you have a lot of time ahead of you to work on it. A one-time issue with grabbing is going to be forgotten over time.

Lots of keets at first only eat seed, so take it slow and easy with other food. Try lettuce - often keets will like to nibble on that!

Good luck!
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