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help with new budgie

Posted By: tlb

help with new budgie - 11/30/15 02:58 PM

4 weeks ago I bought a 7 week old hand fed budgie who came right on my finger. In the 4 weeks he has become less tame than he was. When I go to take him out he tries to get away - the last 3 days he has pecked at me. When I go to put him back, as soon as he sees his cage he tries to fly to it (wings clipped). I feed him millet every time. How can I get him to want to come out of the cage and be with me?
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: help with new budgie - 12/01/15 05:59 AM

Welcome TLB, it's lovely to have you!

Did you read my step by step training, and are you working on it every day?

Let me know what stage you're on!

Budgies are often so scared at the beginning that they won't resist out of fright. That's not tame smile. So now is the time to start the actual taming process!
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