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Making progress...yah!

Posted By: Kimberly1985

Making progress...yah! - 02/24/11 01:40 AM

Just wanted to give ya'll an update on Cheeko!
I've been doing the "finger as a perch" training (15 minutes each session, usually only 1 a day because lack of time) Sometimes without me pressing on his belly and only saying "Come on", but most of the time I have to gently press my finger to his belly and say "Come on". I noticed he doesn't run from it at all. Sometimes he exhibits behavior like he wants to get off but most of the time he doesn't. He sometimes jumps (he's not flying) to the side of the cage and hangs on until I put my finger up there and he gets right on. Oh and I was wondering if this was normal (I'm almost sure it is) He will fly from one side to the other side of the cage and repeats this several times. This happens when I'm nowhere near him. I'm assuming he's exercising. He loves his new swing too. I also can put both hands in the cage and he doesn't seem frightened at all. He will get on my whole hand also not just my finger. He will go from hand to hand. Also, yesterday he was on my finger, he started "preening" himself like he didn't care that I was holding him. He was standing on my finger with one leg while he was messing with the other too.(not his nails but his actual foot). I'm not sure what he was doing there but he seems to progressing. Just when I had lost all hope. laugh
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/24/11 01:42 AM

Just to let ya know, this is an older picture. He now has a wooden perch that varies in size all the way down it's length. I hated the plastic perch.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/24/11 02:02 AM

he is letting you know ok ma im ready to come out now by going from one side of the cage to the other ...its like they know they can now trust you and telling us...its OUT TIME lol...just open the door and let him come out on his own dont try to extract him and when he does his crash and burns as they all do dont panic and rush over to grab or anything...just let him shake off the cobwebs and then further his own thing before that door gets sure its standing water no burners on stove on no cieling fans on..doors locked so no one accidentally opens one and out he will go...everyone now needs to also train themselves for allll these things an cover mirrors...pull curtains...keep toilet seat down whatever it takes giggle...
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/24/11 03:24 AM

I sure hope that's what he wants. I'm gonna leave the door open after our training sessions for a little while then. I'm sure this will take a few days until he decides to come out. I'm super excited. I didn't realize that's what it meant. I am absolutely scared to death about anyone else messing with him though. My kids know they are not allowed to touch him. All I allow them to do is talk to him. I told them "He bites." He really doesn't though. LOL Thanks so much Illusive. You've been a big help and I'm sure I'll need more advice in the weeks to come.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/24/11 04:40 AM

dont scare the children into thinking he bites...because then if he wants to fly to them they will get scared and cry or duck or try to swish him away and that will not be good for bird or kids...just explain to them in a way they understand he is very very small and can get injured very very easily...and im sure they wouldnt want to hurt him anymore than thinking he could hurt them by want the experience to be exciting for all including the bird not stressful or scary for anyone...

and your welcome ..i think he may surprise you at how fast he will come out if you just open the doors and then retreat a fair distance from his home....and oh my gosh when he flies he is gonna be a kamakazi newbie pilot...i know of no other way to explain it because he is gonna just be so full of himself and excited...giggle
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/24/11 09:11 PM

Yea, I was thinking to myself how I was gonna explain to the kids when he finally does come out. Thanks.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/25/11 12:00 AM

Oh wow Kimberly!! That ISSS progress!!! Whooot! I'm excited for you..AND Cheeko!!!
When you let him out, be sure you have the time to wait for him to go back to his cage in case you can't get him back by hand. In other words if you only have say 1/2 hr or so before you have to go wouldn't be a good time for a first outing. You don't want to rush him.
Ooooh he's gonna LOVE flying!! And like illusive said, he might have a crash n burn or 2 before he finds his wings and learns how to turn and land etc., so try not to panic and run to the rescue. Just sit back and enjoy his first flying experiences. smile

Go Cheeko!!!!
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/25/11 02:49 AM

So Cheeko decided to finally come out (I did coax him a little). He was absolutely a treat to watch. He did fly and have his crash and burns. I was actually scared for him because his wings are clipped. But he did pretty well. Surprisingly, he got right on my finger when I went to him. He easily got on my shoulder too. And he wouldn't leave my finger from then on out. I guess he likes me or at least feels that I'm a safe place to hang out. He doesn't like my computer though. LOL I can tell he is still a little frightened but I'm sure it will take a few times before he is completely comfortable outside his cage. And also, he got on my little girl's (who is 3) finger and shoulder too, but with my supervision. I am so HAPPY. Finally, Cheeko feels like a pet.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/25/11 02:56 AM

THATS ROCKING NEWS lol...well done ...but did ya rush to him after he crashed and burned ...come on fess up lol...and its great that with supervision especially you introduced both your little girl and him to each other thats soooo wonderful but keep in mind his wings are clipped and being stepped on is a very real reality...

so your doing a happy dance good for you and yes it will take several months for him to become really comfortable with being with you and when his wings grow out and he can finally fly it will actually be a safer place for him and again...he will become better adjusted...

suggest finding a roosting place for him now to put him on so he can get use to it for when his wings do grow out
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/25/11 03:18 AM

First time, yes I ran to him. I couldn't help it. There was this thud sound when he landed. I was worried. LOL He kept trying to fly to my blinds but he was a long way from getting to the top. Maybe he thought each little thingie was a perch but couldn't figure out why he couldn't land on it. It was hilarious. But I did feel sorry for him. As of right now, he is sitting on my wrist. He won't leave. Ha ha. He never plays with his toys though. Right now, he has only one in his cage. (cat balls) I'm sure it's because he's quite young. (4 or 5 months) I've been giving him kisses. He bit my lip once and it hurt but I continued to give him kisses and he hasn't bit me again. Thank goodness. I know I'm rambling but I'm trying to make sure I give ya'll all the info I can think of. Also, I am buying Cheeko a bigger cage this weekend. I think he deserves something he can fly in instead of this tiny thing he has now. I only bought it because it seemed okay at the time considering, I didn't have much money. Okay, I'll shut up now. LMBO
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/25/11 03:19 AM

OMG, he is asleep on my wrist. Just had to add that in there.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/25/11 03:59 AM

giggle ...yep he is ready to be a socialized birdie...
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/25/11 03:31 PM

Awww that is soo sweet-he's sleeping on your wrist. If he is SLEEPING on you then I'd take that as an obvious sign that he TRUSTS you. awwwww
I didn't realize Cheeko was clipped. Is he at least able to glide? And not just drop like a stone? If he can't fly even well enough to glide and break his fall be very careful as to how far off the ground he is when you let him out.
A playstand of sorts for him to hang out on would be great..and maybe even a ladder or branch or something he can use to climb on to get back to his cage on his own when he is out if he can't get to it by flying.
Way to go Cheeko! You brave little cutie smile

ps. Awesome he is getting to know your kids too. And it sounds like you are going about the introductions in just the right way. I think that animals have a certain affinity toward young children. They seem to trust them more easily that they do adults. Maybe it's their innocence?
Great for the kids too to learn how to be gentle and respect little creatures wink
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/25/11 03:50 PM

kksuns, I've been thinking about getting him a bird playground, because otherwise, he just hangs on to me. I have a ladder hanging from his door. He can fly that high but I'm not sure he knows how to aim yet. I'm thinking he's never gotten to fly so it's almost like watching a child walk when they just took their first steps. He doesn't drop like a stone though, but I don't think he lands where he intends too. I have been sitting him on his ladder when it's time to go home. That's what I say to him, "Let's go home." LOL
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/25/11 04:07 PM

You're probably right that he has never gotten to fly before..and yes it IS like watching a child take its first steps. It's AMAZING isn't it?? And just like a child...they will fall on their butts a few times before they get steady on their feet. And just like watching that child's first steps..we hold our breath with our birds' first flights's nerve wracking but amazing at the same time!
He'll get better at landing with practice..and better yet when those new flights grow back.
Good job placing him on the ladder when it's time to go home. He'll learn what "Time to go home" means and learn how to get there using the ladder.
Have you given any thought to building a playground?
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/25/11 05:42 PM

go to a store ...if you dont have one of these already and a meat cutting board the type with like a steel rod that comes up thru the middle of it then slides down to hold the meat in place...much cheaper than buying a playground...then all you have to do is modify it...remove the steel rod and insert a dowel you can buy and from there build onto it or get a tree branch instead of a dowel and place it in the hole where the steel rod was...much much cheaper than buying a playgym...and birds dont care giggle...
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/25/11 08:38 PM

Illusive, I have no idea what kind of cutting board you're talking about. I searched all over the net trying to figure it out. Sounded like a good idea though. My son's mini wheel barrow seems to be working for now. I posted it as my pic for now. Do ya'll have any other ideas for a homemade playground? Thanks.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/25/11 09:02 PM

sure want a cheap easy way for a playground ...doesnt have to be pretty just serve the purpose...

get a cardboard box....with a open top and only three will be re-inforced by sticking dowels / perches thru the sides and make a couple of slits to hook a ladder into it also...voila there is a playground attach a few toys and your golden..

the cutting board i was referring too was frequently an still used board, to cut large roast up or turkey or chicken, there would be groves in the board to trap juices and drain them to opposite end...its a sturdy board and up thru one end of the board is a steel rod with a cross steel rod off that one that adjust in height so meat could be secured and then sliced...
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/26/11 12:48 AM

Well, I might just have to do that, Illusive. I can't wait until he decides to play with his toys. I got Cheeko his new cage. It is big enough that it holds 4 perches, and a swing! The other one was probably the smallest they make and this one is twice the size. I love it. Plus it has the drop down door which will make it easy for him to come out. Not sure how Cheeko feels about it yet. He just sits there. I know he has to like it better, he's just gotta get use to it.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/26/11 03:11 PM

LOVE the new avi pic Kimberly. Sooo cute.
Ya know that wheelbarrow would make a very cool planter when your son outgrows it. LOL

Good idea on that cheap, almost instant playground illusive.

Here is a site that has a couple playgym idea
Just to give an idea af what you could do. You wouldn't have to use bamboo like they do..wooden dowels would be perfect, and you can get them at walmart very cheap. You can also get untreated hemp string there in the craft dept. Lots of stuff in craft dept really. Just be sure things like wooden what have yous are not treated/painted.

Someone here not long ago made a very cool playstand using pvc pipe. It was very inexpensive too. I think it was Connor G? if you want to do a search.

I made a playstand out of a wooden clothes drying rack that my guys love. Here's a pic to give idea

The tray is just one of those cafeteria type trays I had on hand..and I also added a piece of an old birdcage. They love hopping from rung to rung, and you can hang all sorts of things from it.
Someone that used to be on here said she couldn't find one that wasn't painted, but mine is unfinished. I guess if painted you could always sand it down if u had the time and patience.

You could even use an unfinished piece of plywood for a base and drill holes for dowels or keet safe branches. I sometimes use Elmers glue to make things. It's safe but if concerned you can sand whatever glue might be exposed after it is dry..say you put elmers in a hole to secure a dowel and some oozes out? Sand around it after it's dry?

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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/26/11 03:46 PM

I absolutely love your playground. That's awesome. I'm gonna keep his old little cage where I can use some of it like you did. I thought about using the wheelbarrow as a planter and put it on my front porch. It's so cute. I do have some new questions though.....Cheeko loves his swing. That's where he spends the majority of his time, but he struggles to get off of it. I have a perch right beside and right below but it takes him several minutes to get off. He usually just jumps to the bottom of the cage to get out. Is there anything I can do to make it easier for him to get on and off his swing? Next question: Cheeko doesn't seem to like water. I've tried the flicking it on him, spraying him with a clean water bottle, and even attempted to put him in a water bowl...all of these had warm water in them...He seems aggravated by it and flew away once. I know he needs to have bath time. What should I do and how often do I need to do it? And will he ever take a bath on his own? Third and final question: I've heard that young parakeets don't play with their toys much or not at all....Cheeko is the "not at all". When is he considered an adult? and is this normal if he NEVER plays with them in the future? Thanks so much.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/26/11 04:07 PM

Thanks smile
But before you tear down his old little cage, you might want to consider holding on to it for a hospital cage..or travel cage, or to be used to put him in while doing a thorough clean on his new bigger cage. How big is the smaller cage?

LOL @ the doesn't seem to like water. haha That is SO typical. As with anything with these guys it alll takes time. Just keep offering a bath and hopefully eventually he'll take the plunge. What are you using for a bird bath? It took several different attempts with dif containers/bowls before I hit on the apparently "right" one. lol My 2 like a plain old plastic sandwich container..WITH a piece of lettuce in it. Gawd forbid i don't add lettuce!
When you spray him, do you have the spray bottle set on mist? And always mist from above like it's raining.
As for the swing. If you already have perch(s) within easy access of the swing,Is there one sort of right in front of the swing he can jump on to?, I think it will just take practice on his part to be able to get off it easily.
Toys? They have to be shown how to play with them and you have to pretend how much FUUN they are to play with. Now that Cheeko is coming around and trusting you, and wanting to be with you, if you play with the toys with him I think he'll catch on. Baby steps and all in keet time wink
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/26/11 04:29 PM

The smaller cage is the cheapest one that petsmart recommended. I knew it was too small but it was all that I could afford at the time. Here's a picture of it.

After I thought about it, there wasn't anything I could use off of it anyways. I definitely should hang on to it (like you said) where he can go when I'm cleaning out his new cage or taking him to the vet (God forbid).

Right now I have a french onion dip bowl in his cage. LOL The kind that you buy for Chips already made. I've tried using a soap dish as well. Yea, the water bottle is set on mist. He does fluff up and stuff afterwards so I guess it's better than nothing at all. Everyone talks about the lettuce with the bath...I'm gonna have to try that.

I've been playing with the cat balls that's been hanging in his cage since I've had him but he seems scared of them. LOL But like you said "All in Keet time" I'm sure he'll catch on.

At what age is a parakeet considered an adult? I know that a dog isn't considered "adult" until it's a year old. Is it similar with a parakeet?
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/26/11 06:55 PM

Kimberly, just like your own children. They aren't born ready to play, it's a part of their development. He will one day just become more curious about the ting ting noises you make with his bell and he'll want to learn how to make it too. I cut the cat balls loose so he can roll them around and play with them separately. Chippy likes to tip and toss things. So a seed cup hanging on his wall with buttons or even his cat ball in it is one of his favorite activities. It was one of his first too.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/26/11 06:56 PM

Kksuns, I LOVE your playground. Just love it. I am going on the search now for ways and means to create a play yard
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/26/11 08:22 PM

Thanks Jeanne.
Really you can use all sorts of things. Any scrap lumber you might have as long as it's untreated..branches..ummmm oh how about a cookie cooling rack put on a wooden frame to hang things from? Bottom grate from cage of you don't use it? Tinker toys? LOL

I've always wanted to build something with the kids old legos, I've just been too lazy to dig them out of whatever closet they might be hiding in. My "kids" are almost 17 and 22! I don't think they'll be using them again. haha
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/26/11 08:44 PM

I tried the Tinker Toys, but it was a bit too flimsy. And all the dowels were the same size, skinny. I have legos too, but I just can't picture it. I may as well use the cookie cooler rack idea, I don't bake cookies anymore. Way too lazy for that. And if the grandkids are here, well, Nestle's has the break apart dough and all the kids want is to eat them anyway. *S* I really like your towel rack idea. Lord, this bird already has my whole kitchen bay and table as a play yard. Oh well, he needs more.

Today I lost Chippy. Steve and I suddenly froze and began searching his cage since it is so congested with toys you really cannot see the bird sometimes. I looked on the floor and over the table top. Then he suddenly came out behind a toy on the table and flew to his cage, all slim and worried. I'm sure the instant he felt our anxiety, he became ultra quiet and still. Cripes.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/26/11 09:04 PM

ROFL.."Oh well he needs more"! hahahahahahaa Yup, THAT they do! And more and more and more....

Aw cripes is right losing Chippy. Gawd I lost Levi a while back and it scared the stuff outa me!! My son and I searched high and low and couldn't find him. Must have been AT LEAST and hour! OMG all sorts of things ran thru my mind! LOL I even called illusive in a panic-" I can't find Levi!" What should I doooooo??? She gave us suggestions and kept me calm. THANKS again illusive smile
And finally Levi just showed up out of nowhere, appeared on the kitchen floor right in front of my son. No idea where he had been. BAD BOY!!! He looked a little freaked and frazzled. frown But no dust bunnies so I can't imagine where he could have been stuck... or whatever, where we didn't search.
Darn bird didn't make a peep either when we called to him. And he's usually good about coming when called.
So yep, I know that feeling when suddenly you realize you can;t SEE them or HEAR them anywhere.
Oh and another time he was hiding under the couch. That time was only about 15-20 mins before i found him and it still felt like hours! LOL I hadn't had him very long then..and he couldn't fly yet either. There one min gone the next! Fast on his feet! LOL
oops, I'm rambling now and hijacking Kimberly's thread in the process. Sorry smile
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/26/11 11:39 PM

kksuns, no problem here. I love hearing fellow bird owners ramble. It gives me something to look forward to. When Jeanie, said "lost", I thought she meant something far worse. Thank goodness it wasn't what I thought. I bought Cheeko a bird bath but the dang thing is too big for his door by about a quarter inch. UGH! I guess the dip container will have to work. I made the toilet paper roll/peanutbutter/seed treat....he hasn't touched it. It still made me feel good that I done something special for him. Here's the link to Cheeko's new cage and new setup!
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/27/11 12:14 AM

kimberly the top section where the clips are need to be bent down and over to secure the top of that cage much better...take some pliers and bend them to pull the top part into the bottom part much better that way he cant get stuck with a leg or wing in the opening gaps too
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/27/11 01:04 AM

Nice Kimberly!
I can see too where the top has to be secured better. Esp on the right. Good eye illusive.
I think he needs more color..and a natural branch perch would be cool. Do you have access to any keet safe trees you could get a branch from to make a perch? If you need a list of safe trees let me know, I probably have a link saved.
You can add some color and stimulation pretty cheaply with just some pony beads and maybe hemp or 100% cotton butcher string. Maybe put some beads n tassels on that swing like this

See the swing almost in the middle. It's like Cheekos.
And tie short pieces of string with a bead or 2 on some rungs of the ladder. Gives him something to play with and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I get butcher string at the dollar store for a buck, and pony beads aren't much either. You can make lots of toys with them. Just don't leave strings, tassels too long so he can't get tangled in it. shocked

I bet he's lovin his new digs!

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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/27/11 02:21 AM

Illusive, I noticed that part of the cage too. I just wasn't quite sure if it was an issue which when I think about it, I should have known and also, because I didn't think about using pliers. Duh! LOL I will be sure to fix it asap. Thanks Illusive. Kksuns, I do think it is a little boring looking. I def. need to add color. Also, I did get a little branch from outside but to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure what kind of tree it is so when I looked up the lists for toxic tree, it still didn't help. I guess I need to find a tree, I actually know what it is. Ha ha. Until, then I'm not putting it in his cage. I'm not sure what post I read, it may have been one of you....I'm suppose to clean it with ACV and put it in the oven (not sure how long or what temp.), right? And ya'll were both so right about the playgrounds being expensive....cheapest one at Petsmart was 25 bucks and there was nothing to it. I'd rather spend 25 bucks on supplies to make him a really nice one. That's my next project. So now I've got these things to do:

#1 fix the top left part of his cage
#2 add color to his cage
#3 homemade play ground
#4 natural perch

I've been feeding Cheeko broccoli florets chopped real fine mixed with his seeds. Not sure if he's eating them but when I tie it to the side of the cage, I know he's not. I know, I know "all in keet time". I just want to know that if he decides not to eat veggies anytime soon, will he have a vitamin deficiency or get too chubby because of the seed only diet?

Out of the blue question...

At what age do most parakeets get their little black necklace? (the black dots around their neck) I think they are so cute.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/27/11 03:30 AM

You are sooo right not to use the branch you got if you're not sure what it is. hmmmmm Don't know what to tell ya there. I can identify some of them by their leaves and a few by their bark, but that is harder..other than maybe pine or white birch. LOL Do you have leaves on the trees? All our trees are bare right now.

Another perch they really love is the rope perches. Soft and comfy on their feet. Even a small one in an upper corner to sleep on.
All in good time tho. I know it takes a while to acquire different things. One step at a time...essentials first, which you have covered. smile
Oh, you can also use colored drinking straws to make toys, or buttons, or hey you have little kids... They must occasionally get those little rinky dink things from gumball machines? You can use the plastic bubble things(big ones and small ones) the toy comes in for a toy. My guys LOVE those things with a couple beads inside so it rattles. And also with a string with beads attached to it. If you look closely you can see one in my avi pic. It's hanging on the perch with a bell outside the cage door. Levi uses them as bombs. He picks them up with his feet and flies overhead and drops them on us! haha Those things are at the top of their favorite toy list. crazy

As far as their gorgeous necklaces...I'm sorry to say they don;t all get pretty dark ones like illusive's Cappy. It depends on their coloring. Neither of my guys have them. Waah!!! Wellll, they HAVE them but they are very light and you can barely see them, except for the ones on each cheek. I know I am soooo jealous. LOL I doubt that Cheeko will have dark ones either. If you look closely can you see light colored ones now?
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/27/11 04:16 AM

If you look at this picture, you can see the blue things on Cheekos cheeks. (not sure what they are really though but your birds look like they have it too.) Well anyways below those he has one black dot one side and and two black dots on the other. They aren't faded but are very small. I ROFL at the "rinky dink"...I thought it was only used in the south. I'm not stressing too much about the toys because he doesn't play with anything right now. When I notice him getting more curious, he'll get plenty more.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/27/11 03:15 PM

LOL "Rinky dink" must be a universal thing eh? hahaha

Nah, I wouldn't stress too much about toys, but he does have to see them for a while and see what to do with them before he will actually play with them. I would make a few out of things you have on hand just for the heck of it.

If Cheeko has black dots, then yes he will probably have a nice necklace. NO FAIR!!!! lol His necklace might become more prominant after his first big molt.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/27/11 06:01 PM

ok one thing at a also make sure when you add things to cage you wont be over stuffing the for the size of the cage this is why there are some out there getting birds with broken blood feathers...a cage cant be too large cept for yourself at cleaning time ...but its also safer to help prevent broken blood feathers...and dont for gosh sakes have any types of perches that dont go completely across the cage but end up going only part way...usually the type you see with a wingnut and or you screw it to sides of cage..anything like that should be not used...another reason i dont like those pumice perches...or the ones you can buy called but not limited to manzanita doesnt make any difference how blunt the end is sticking out...

When i first got Cappys new cage i put one of these manzanita perches in and by the end of the day i removed it ...just wasnt worth the risk

you will know more about the necklace thing after first moult...what he gets then will be the pattern he will display the second major moult **may brighten them up even a bit more...

its been mentioned time and again about toys and veggies...on how to get them to play with toys or eat the beginning YOU have to play with the toys while they watch...a lot!!! and the veggies you have to hold in your finger tips and approach the bird as you would if hand or finger training and hold it there and keep doing this ...a lot!!!! just hanging or clipping to sides of cage at first when they havent as yet begun to know what veggies are will take a very very long time for most birds to even try to want to sample them...its like the toys ...they havent a clue what all this new stuff is till you teach and show them....sorta like when kids in school are asked to do a SHOW N TELL program.

and Cappys jewels are for show an tell only ladies ...ya cant have them giggle..its bad enough when he sheds/moults them an i cant see them sniff in the bottom pic here...he had shed/moulted ...waaaaaaaah
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 01:04 AM

I just wanna thank both of ya'll for taking the time to answer my questions. Ya'll have been a big help.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 01:06 AM

wellllll Kimberly thank you for LISTENING something some folks in here dont take the time to do even after asking...sooooooo on that note

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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 03:19 AM

aughhhhhhhhh my baby lost two jewels tonight ...and one shorter wing feather ...where did i put that dust buster????
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 03:32 AM

So does that mean Cappy's moulting?
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 03:52 AM

haha i didnt want to make a completley new topic so i have a questtion what dose it mean when a bird moults? and what happens? dose it happen to every bird?? and when dose it happen???
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 09:38 AM

yes it means he is coming into a moult where a wing feather dropped...if it was just his necklace that would be minor loss of foofie feathers as i call them and nothing major...but when wing and tail feathers start to drop ...yep ..thats a major moult coming on...and him being in cycle with spring coming and wanting a new set of clothes lol
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 02:16 PM

Cappy lost a couple jewels??!! Find em find em!!! You have my address. LOL We would just LOOOOVE to get our hands on those babies. A little Elmers and we'd be in business! haha grin
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 05:43 PM

kksuns, that was cute!
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 05:47 PM

yahhhhhh right ill just jump right on that kk...beginning to think we are all a very disturbed lot of people...giggle.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 05:52 PM

ahhhh RUUUN!! Here comes the guys in the white suits carrying those odd looking jackets with straps!
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 10:37 PM fast do you run??
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 10:48 PM

Probably not fast enough these days. I'm dooooomed!
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 11:35 PM

well it will be slower even now as ill be on yer back yelling faster you fool faster cuz im too old to run anymore at YOUR ELECTED
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Making progress...yah! - 02/28/11 11:44 PM

rofl I guess that leaves us both in a pickle!
Hey, maybe we can share a rubber room? Think they'll let us bring the boys??? shocked
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 12:54 AM

Hey ya'll! Sorry to spoil the fun...but I have a question again. LOL Cheeko has been doing pretty good with his flights. He of course is very persistent with his tries. But I've noticed when he flies up and then comes back down (this is because his wings are clipped) he makes this sound. What I would think a parakeets "grunt" would sound like. I was wondering if this is normal?
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 12:57 AM

Hey ya'll! Sorry to spoil the fun...but I have a question again. LOL Cheeko has been doing pretty good with his flights. He of course is very persistent with his tries. But I've noticed when he flies up and then comes back down (this is because his wings are clipped) he makes this sound. What I would think a parakeets "grunt" would sound like. I was wondering if this is normal?
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 01:01 AM

I'm not sure what you mean by when he flies up and then comes back down.
Do you mean when he LANDS he makes the grunt like sound?
Like it's knocking the wind out of him because he is landing too hard maybe?
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 01:28 AM

yes kksuns...when he lands. Yea, like it's knocking the wind out of him.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 02:25 AM

hmmm IDK what to tell ya Kimberly.
Is he flying that high from ground level, and then can't glide enough to break his fall? Or is he starting off his flight from something high like the top of his cage or something like that?

If he is taking flight from too high of a spot..then I would be sure to lower his cage or put him on something lower to the ground or even on the floor before letting him out. Otherwise he could injure himself. Just be sure to keep a very close eye on him so he doesn't get stepped on.

If he's getting that much height on his own, then I'm baffled. It seems if he's strong enough to get that much height on his own he should be able to break his fall.
He could just need more practice landing.They ARE clumsy at first. I would try to keep him low until his flights have grown back.
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 02:44 AM

He will be sitting on the floor which I think he hates, I'm sure all birds do. He'll fly straight up, he gets about 4 feet off the ground and down he goes. He does land on his feet but maybe the impact is a little much. It doesn't happen every time he does it though. It's almost if he's doing it for exercise. Then if I put him on a perch or something perch like. He stays put. Doesn't move at all. Also, I've never been able to get him to come out of his cage on his own. (it's about 3 ft off the ground) I always have to get him to perch on my finger to take him out. I leave the door open pretty much all day. (for about a week so far) He still doesn't come out on his own. He does get on my finger if I go to him when he's out though. He'll go from my finger to my shoulder to my head. Sometimes he does this so he can get closer to a perch like object (the wheel barrel) I'm sure this is normal. Maybe if I put the cage lower like you said, maybe he'll come out on his own. Right now, I don't think he likes his outside of cage time. But maybe he will pretty soon.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 02:53 AM

maybe he isnt coming out on his own becuz he hasnt the confidence and knows he isnt ready to let him has to be at HIS pace...and dont lower the cage if there is any other dangers to doing that like other animals or even a child...keep it where it is all good things in rather wait till feathers come back in then have internal injuries and thats what this could be heading for like when you hear a football player or hockey player grunt after a hard hit...its not the best thing in the world and internal brusing at the very least can just close up the cage for another two weeks ...then go back to opening it ...but dont take him out yet...once feathers grow back you both will have a lifetime to play so please dont rush it now and maybe be doing some harm ...this could also ruin his confidence for later if he keeps doing this...and then when he can...he wont want to fly cuz he will keep associating it with pain and should be FUN.
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 03:08 AM

He is able to glide though. He does this when he wants to go home, or when he wants to fly to something else. He lands fine when he's doing this. It's just when he is in the middle of the floor with nothing around to fly on, he flies straight up and comes right back down occasionally "grunting". Will the two weeks give him time to gain confidence? I just wasn't really sure why two weeks. I thought maybe until his flight wings grew back, then he could learn to really fly. Don't they take several months to grow out....I'd hate to have him in his cage all that time with no freedom. I've just been following Lisa's training instructions so I thought what I was doing was the right way. But I def. don't want him to have internal bruising or bleeding.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 03:41 AM

Hi Kimberly, my Chippy came to me with his wings clipped too. I'm not sure how old Cheeko is, but Chippy was about 5 months old before he molted and finally grew his wing feathers in. Since a bird is hard wired for flight, the inability to fly is confusing and scary and just wrong. He doesn't understand why he can't fly since he is obviously old enough. Well we know why, but he doesn't so now he's a bit frightened. Chippy would occasionally fall/flutter to the floor and he'd find the lowest perch available and just sit there quietly till I would rescue him. He did not like this handicap at all. I set him up on the table with lots of gym like toys to play with and he kept pretty close to his cage, his safety net. When he finally was able to fly, it took him a little time to trust himself, but in no time at all he was flying free and happy and secure.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 04:50 AM

i still urge you to keep him in for two weeks just to be on the safe side and it will be time well spent if there is any brusing to will yes also help his mind to adjust...after wards where you observed its when he is on the floor he has difficulty sit down on the floor with him...let him crawl or fly to you...keep outings brief a little is good if the experience is also good...its important during this time to keep his excursions brief and positive so when his flights come in it will come natural to know whats best he doesnt ..he is confused...if things go well during a brief outing this will help to this end...

these are all reason i am so against wing clipping...the list is very long why im against it this is only scratching the surface of that...

but this is a time for tough love kimberly to protect will be soon enough as mentioned when he gets his flights back as i cant answer as to when that is i dont know how old he is..
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 03:40 PM

I'm pretty sure Cheeko is around 4 or 5 months old from all the research I've done, plus the lady at Petsmart (forgive me) said he was a 4 or 5 months old. (this was about a month ago.) Spring is coming so I'm sure he's about ready to moult. Maybe with that, his flights will come back in. I'll wait a little before letting him out again. So he can heal and possibly forget that flying hurts. LOL And when I do, I'll have him a lower perch to hang out on. I do get in the floor with him most of the time. And he comes right to me, where he can be a little high without it being too scary. I was letting him out for about an hour, I'll cut that at least to 15 to 30 minutes. I don't want him to give up on flying. He's a BIRD. I want him to fly, so I'll try my best to follow the advice. Thanks.
Posted By: Toony

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 03:51 PM

When he does fly, do you have a high place for him to sit? My birs always loved sitting on the shelf because i had a big thing that looks kinda like a bunk bed on top and they loved hanging out there. They also love sitting ontop of the window thing. I never see them on the floor
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 04:23 PM

Yeah, he occasionally flies up to this little ledge that I have that holds all my what-nots. He doesn't like the floor but it's probably the safest place for him until he gets better at flying though.
Posted By: BambiEyes

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 04:27 PM

he's so cute smile
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/01/11 04:43 PM

thanks bambi, I love your bird's color.
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/02/11 02:55 PM

I know this has nothing to do with the original post but I didn't want to start a whole new thread.....just a quick question.

(I've had him for over a month)

Cheeko isn't very vocal. He does chirp when I play a youtube video of Banco the parakeet. I might hear him once every few days. He also seems to chirp when my husband is in the floor playing with the kids. They're giggling and laughing really loud then. Are most parakeets very vocal? And does this mean he is still uncomfortable?
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/02/11 03:12 PM

Some are more vocal than others. And I think males are more vocal than females. That's from what I've heard at any rate. I just have boys, so no girls to compare to, but my guys never shut up! LOL
Have you tried playing music for Cheeko? That usually gets them singing.
I don't think it's anything to worry about..just some like to chatter more than others. And it doesn't necessarily mean he's not comfortable yet...just not a blabber mouth smile
Try some different kinds of music and see what he likes. I wouldn't go for keet sounds because that just might confuse him in to thinking there are other keets around and he'll wonder where they are and try to call out to them.
My 2 get louder with more people around.. or say everyone is laughing etc too. I think they want to join in..add their 2 cents. LOL
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/02/11 04:32 PM

Yea I noticed that he looks around like "Where are you at?" when I play the parakeet on youtube.
And if the bird on their squawks (not sure what this means) or whatever it is, it seems to get Cheeko riled up. If you could check out the video I'm referring to, it happens at 42 seconds into it. Is that anger or excitement or what? I've only heard Cheeko do it once. I definitely will quit playing it either way. I do play music for him (country) but not sure he likes it. Maybe I should bust out some pop or rap. LOL And like you said, he may just not be a blabber mouth. Thanks for the reply.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/02/11 04:49 PM

i think its just cuz he is young yet and maybe its a little to quiet in your house for him lol..i wouldnt do rap tho giggle...i just play easy listening pop songs in the morning for Cappy.

dont rush him it will be soon enough when maybe you will wish he was a bit more quiet again.
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Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/02/11 04:58 PM

thanks illusive.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/02/11 05:38 PM

thanks for thanking lol...and your welcome of course
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/02/11 08:36 PM

Can someone tell me what this sound means at 42 seconds. It continues for about 10 or 15 seconds. Cheeko has done this twice. (once just a few minutes ago) Thanks.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/02/11 08:44 PM

giggle ...well he is sorta doing what some of our keets do ...when Cap does it i just yell HEY SASSY CAPPY..and he stops ..with Cap he is just getting ticked off cuz im not paying attention to just like a kid doing a attention getter HEY anyone care im here ...anyone wanna say hi or something...giggle...

Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/02/11 09:09 PM

I'm not sure why Cheeko did it. I'm thought maybe he was mad but the only reason I can think he'd be mad is because he hasn't been out in a few days or because I haven't talked to him much today. I just got home at 2.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/02/11 10:39 PM

he is just finding out how he can be a attention getter mention...when he does this ...say HEY thats too noisey lol and go talk to him distract his ACCCK ACCCCK ACCCCK'N lol
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/03/11 12:51 AM

I say Hey, why soo loud?? in a quiet voice and talk softly telling them don't be so noisy. And just talk for a few minutes. It works, they lower their "voices"after that.
I agree they're just letting us know they're there..or sometimes genuinely ticked about something. LOL Like when Ziggy won't stop bugging Levi, Levi ACCCK ACCKS at him. BUG OFFFF!!!!! MAAAA tell him leave me ALOOONE!!! haha
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/03/11 01:15 AM

How cute! Thanks ya'll. At least I have a better idea if Cheeko decides to this often.
Posted By: BambiEyes

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/05/11 04:39 PM

Aww!! He wants your attention! Storm started doing that too actually, and I looked at him like: Why are you spazzing out? And he kept doing it so I went over to him and he just stared at me, I said: What? What baby boy? And he chirped like all innocent :p "I didnt do nuthin" lol. They're such social animals! And they're smart.. >,<
Posted By: JeanneM

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/05/11 05:40 PM

I agree. I think he was calling to you. Also birds are by nature a noisy bunch. I also think they occasionally like to just throw their voice out there for the shear joy of it. I know if Chippy were in the mountains, he'd yodel all day just to hear his echo. LOL
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/05/11 06:17 PM

Yes they really are such social little buggers. They just love to be right in the thick of things and where they don't miss what's going on. That's why it's best if you can keep them in the living room or whatever room has the most action and people in it. They need to feel and be part of the family aka FLOCK. lol And they are so darn much smarter than people give them credit for. They do associate actions/objects with words and they do KNOW what you are saying to them.
Gotta love the little pipsqueaks
Posted By: BambiEyes

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/05/11 07:49 PM

yep. gotta lov em! Im learning soo much from my little Storm, I have a whole new respect for birds smile
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/05/11 08:11 PM

its nice to hear the excitement when someone is learning about all the wonders of these lil birds and how intelligent they can be...

they maybe slow to give their trust in the beginning but once they do they open up a whole new side to them becoming so much more social and then really start to show their lil individual characters

this is why its soooo important in the beginning for every new owner to really move slowly no matter how anxious they maybe to gain that trust and once that is reached to never betray that trust ...

trust goes a long way in the days ahead to achieving that adorable ideal lil social character that will worm its way to your heart
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/05/11 10:40 PM

Thanks everyone for all the advice and quirky little stories. Love to hear them.

UPDATE: started leaving the door open for Cheeko yesterday. Still doesn't come out but I'm sure he will soon enough. He absolutely loves boiled carrots. He ate about 2 baby carrots in the past couple days. He's been chirping a lot more lately. Really happy about that. Haven't had much luck finding the petamine anywhere. (online and stores) If you find it again, Illusive, let me know. Thanks.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/05/11 11:26 PM

there ya go and its even a bout a dollar cheaper than the other site

save these links to your fav's for future odering
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/06/11 12:27 AM

thanks illusive.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/06/11 12:29 AM

lol and again ...your welcome
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/07/11 12:44 AM

3 days with the cage open for most of the day, Cheeko has yet to come out. He WILL get on the perch near the door. But if I speak to him from across the room, he will get back on the top perch. I guess because he thinks I'm gonna come and get him. I'm worried I may have ruined the whole out of cage experience when I took him out of the cage when he was perched on my finger a few times about a week ago. (I was following the training guide on the website) Then again, maybe he can't figure how to get out. LOL Or maybe he still don't have the confidence to fly. Who knows? I guess all I can say is "All in KEET time".
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/07/11 12:50 AM

Kimberly is there a perch or platform right outside the cage door? That usually helps because he might NOT know quite how to go about getting out, especially if he can't really fly yet.
And if he has a problem flying, do you have the cage lowered enough where he won't get hurt?
If there is a platform or perch right outside the door trey a fav treat or toy out there. They sell platforms that you can hook to front of cage for a "porch" if your door doesn't open in to a platform.
You're right..alll in Keet time. Or in this case..Cheeko time smile
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/07/11 01:06 AM

Actually kksuns, Cheeko's cage opens up a lot like yours does. But I don't have a perch outside the cage like you do. Maybe I need to do this??? Also, Cheeko hasn't discovered the fun with toys and I haven't discovered a treat he would come to me for. His cage is about 3 feet off the ground. When he has been out before, he has been able to fly up to it. But a lot of times, he will fly to the sides and climb up to the top. When he is on top of his cage, it is very hard to get him to perch on my finger but everywhere else he's been, he perches just fine. I'm not sure if he knows how to get to the door/platform when he's on top either. He has never voluntarily came out and it's been 5 or 6 days since I've taken him out. He could be afraid of the kids, but I haven't noticed any behavior suggesting this. Because even when they are not here, he still doesn't come out. I just want him to be able to stretch his wings. When he has been out before, I let him fly around a little, then when he is idle for a few minutes, I go to him. Maybe I shouldn't be doing this. Maybe he wants to come out and not be bothered. Cheeko just might be slower than other birdies. But I still love him.

And I thank you for your response, kksuns!
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/07/11 03:19 AM

first of all your bird is NOT slower so to speak there is a big difference between being slower an a bird who is just cautious..its just the kids right other animals...???

if he isnt flying well when he gets to the top of the cage yes he will be very reluctant untill he gets those full flights to try to fly into the cage and a platform for him to land on in front of the door would aid in that.

also the last thing you want and he probably fears most is those lil feet stepping on him when he cant fly should they suddenly come running into the room and he gets froze in happens wayyyy to often...i think he is being very smart and you should just go along with HIS program of confidence level but do get some sort of platform so if he just even wants to come out a bit to sit on the platform he can...

in time he will learn about the fun of toys when he does venture out and he sees YOU playing with them he will naturally want to interact with you and that toy.
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/07/11 03:50 AM

No animals. We aren't allowed to have anything but a bird or fish. I chose a birdie. LOL His cage door opens a lot like kksuns. It sits flat like that. Is this what you mean by a platform? Or is it something totally different? I have added a perch since my last post to the side of the cage door also. I've been playing a lot with a loose cat ball that I leave in his cage, but if I get close and make it jingle, he looks at me like, "Get that away from me." Cheeko is a cautious little fellow, I reckon like you said. Also, I've read posts in here about how their birds are grumpier in the evening. And this may be part of my problem too.

Figured this may be helpful:

My routine with Cheeko is as follows.

In the morning, I uncover his cage. I turn on the radio that sits near his cage. I tell him "Good morning!" I then get myself and 2 kids ready and we're out the door by 7:15 am. I come back home at 2pm. I come in and say "Hello" to him. I change his food and water, and clean his cage if necessary. At 2:45pm, I go pick up my son. I come back home by 3pm and open the cage for him. I leave it open until around 5 when I start cooking. By 7pm, I open his cage again. I was doing my training sessions and taking him out by finger (few times) around 9pm. I let him do his thing for about 30 minutes these few times. (I have to take him away from his cage, or he will fly right back to it) Which isn't but a few short flights and then he becomes a little birdie statue. After the incident with the grunting, I discontinued that. Now I just talk to him while I'm at the computer. He is a few feet behind me. Since I took him out on my finger, he is reluctant to perch on my finger. I guess he's afraid that I'm gonna try to take him out again. And this is to be expected. Around 10pm I cover his cage and tell him "goodnight". And that's that.

I know for the most part, I am doing right by my little Cheeko. It does make it hard with the children because they are so curious about our new pet. But I'm gonna make myself be PATIENT with him, if it kills me. LOL
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/07/11 03:51 AM

hmm if his cage opens like mine, then he DOES have a platform right outside the door right? If so, no he doesn't need a perch there too like in my pic. But is there a perch right INSIDE the door going across the front of cage so he can jump from inside perch to platform easily..going out and in?
I have a long branch perch, you can see in my pic, going across the front just inside the door. They use that all the time.

Really tho, it is normal for it to be taking so much time for him to come out on his own. He's not slower than other birds. He feels safe in his cage, his HOME. Eventually he'll get up the courage to come out. Again, all in keet time..INDIVIDUAL keet time.
We sure do get a lesson in patience with these guys huh?

Oh, was it Cheeko that started liking broccoli? Or was that someone else? There are so many I get mixed up sometimes. Anyway, if it IS Cheeko, you might try wedging a broccoli floret between cage bars on the platform just outside the door?
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/07/11 04:06 AM

ok only problem i see with your schedule is yes you trying to train him too late in the day for sure and he is tired and doesnt want to know that late...and yes birds dont like it when YOU take them out of the cage in the beginning that is way further down the road ...he could also be hesitant becuz of his grunts when landing and realize WOWOW OW THAT i think when he gets his flights back most of that will correct itself but do try to get your training done with him much earlier than 9pm

and yessss kk its her bird that took to carrots and brocolli right away sighhhhhh lol
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/07/11 04:08 AM

Yes it was Cheeko who liked the broccoli! He also likes boiled carrots. I might try that. He has a little perch right across the front of the cage similar to yours. I'm sure he'll come around. I really just wanted to update ya'll on his progress. Thanks again for all your helpful responses. Will update ya'll in a couple days again.
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/07/11 04:14 AM

Just wanted to say, "Ya'll are great." I love that ya'll took the time to watch my post, and respond right away. So quickly I was posting my reply that I missed Illusive's reply. I figured as much on the training too late bit. I'll have to figure out how to do it earlier when the kids are outside, or playing or what not. Thanks again.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/07/11 04:27 AM

We must have been posting at the same time above Kimberly. Seems i'm noted for that. LOL

Anyway, I agree with illusive, if any way possible try to get training in earlier in the day. I know it would probably be hard right when you get back from picking up your son. Is that from school? I know that you need time with the kids first and get them settled and all. But how about around 4:00 or so? Before you start cooking? Just for a little while anyway..and then maybe again after dinner? By 9pm he is probably tired and cranky and needs time to settle down before actual bed.

Thanks for the updates. Keep em comin. I love to hear progress on the new lil guys/gals smile

Yahoooo for carrots AND broccoli!! Way to go!
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/07/11 05:00 AM

GEEEEESH we all keep this up on posting at the same time we will need a traffic cop...giggle
Posted By: BambiEyes

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/07/11 04:40 PM

*red light
*yellow light
*green light

Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Making progress...yah! - 03/07/11 05:13 PM

my lights broke so watch out
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