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Training Tricks

Posted By: JeanneM

Training Tricks - 10/13/10 04:32 PM

I just watched that video on Utube last night where the man in the circus suit had his keets doing all those fabulous tricks. And believe me on this dial up service of mine, that was no mean trick on its own. But the guy had me wondering how he got his birds to perform. I could really enjoy doing that sort of thing. Does anyone have any idea just how I could get started?
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Training Tricks - 10/13/10 05:22 PM

see the ferris wheel in your picture start by placing a pinch of different seeds in just a few cups so he sees it and tries to spin it to get the seeds...where they use ladders in cages...attach a ladder to something different like a sturdy piece of string like a tight rope so he walks it to get a treat...things must be consistent in time and the times you do it and very repetative..with you interacting and NO DISTRACTIONS...i use to take my budgie even to a smaller room where its total attention would be dedicated to me an trying to show and teach him...he learned quite a few just takes a little imagination...the tightrope then can be made as a clothes line with small strips of cloth for him to pull off with a tiny bowel as a clothes basket with extra strips in it so he can pull some out and figure out he needs to put some in also.

does the bird come when you call him to come to you...thats one that should be taught right each time it comes when you call you already have its attention...treats are just even a small tone change in your voice showing excitement...doesnt have to be food allll the time. If you use food all the time then you will find they DONT perform as a lot of times they are not use a bit of logic as isnt always the best training treat for ANYTHING...EVEN THO A LOT OF BOOKS TELL YA THIS...

in order for food to work they have to be HUNGRY..and i dont advocate a hungry bird just to make it perform..thats not achieving much of anything...making something fun...where they WANT to soooo much better...ALWAYS USE THE SAME EXACT commands the bird associates what your trying to say with what its suppose to do.

and last that i can think of at this always provide a secure safe feeling to its surroundings...otherwise you will get NO WHERE.

P.S. came back to add this...a FLIGHTED bird will always feel more secure. And if you noticed in that video ALL the birds were FLIGHTED
Posted By: JeanneM

Re: Training Tricks - 10/13/10 11:47 PM

Yes, I did notice that the birds had full wing feathers. Thanks for the tips to get started. He already spins the wheel. I like the ladder/tightrope trick. I can see where I can replicate that into several different tricks. Repetition and consistancy and I are old friends. I only use food as a reward in the very beginning in order to get the animals attention to me. Then they usually do it for the pure joy of accomplishment. I am just sort of lost as to what physical steps I can take to get certain movements from him. The ones you mentioned will get me started.

BTW, Illusive, Chippy is showing definite signs of feeling more boisterous and cheerful. He always was a happy keet, but since he's been on his new seed mixture, he's more energetic. Thank you.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Training Tricks - 10/14/10 04:39 PM

Hey Jeanne,
I see watching that video had the same affect on you that it did me. LOL I too watched it and thought how cool it would be to teach a few tricks, but WHAT tricks and how to begin.hmmm
Levi already comes when called(MOST of the time) and I do think that is a great place to start. Does Chippy come when called yet? I taught Levi to come by first standing right in front of him...doing a certain whistle and saying Levi COME.(I know, sounds like I'm teachin a dog right? haha) He was more than happy to do it from that distance, and reward is simply YAY! You did it! woohoo Good boy!! He LOVES being praised. Then I would do the same at further distances.Now he will come when called from another room. again MOST of the time lol
Ziggy is not exactly big on with him I'm still working on step up. *Eyeroll* S'okay tho because I love him just the way he is...his own man! lol I just wish for HIS sake he could let go of the trust issues he has and expand his horizons or comfort zones? Even tho he seems happy as can be, i think he'd be happier if he'd interact more. Of course that's just ME thinking...he's probably just as happy with the way things are! crazy
Anyway, I'm thinking it would be good to use as "props" things they already like and love playing with?? We have a certain ladder Levi loves to play on and run back n forth on when I take it out of cage to do cleaning.He loves it when I hold it in front of my face and will run from one end to the other each time I turn it around to reach my face again and receive a big Yaaay! Hey baby good job!! lol Now if i say "wanna do it again? Turn around"..he turns around BEFORE i turn ladder around.
I'm thinking I could incorporate his love of doing that in to another trick of sorts..haven't figured out quite WHAT yet tho.
And since he loves playing with those cat jingle balls so much with me and by himself or with Zig...I might take that and teach him to shoot some hoops. ie Roll the ball around while I say something like dribble..dribble.. SHOOT! lol 2 POINTS!! yaay!!! Good job!!!
So what do you guys think? Use things they already love playing with and doing and just expand on them?

LOVE illusives "clothesline" idea.. SO cute! Picturin itty bitty clothes hangin on a line and being dropped in to a basket.

What I find amazing about that video is that the guy has what? 8 birds?? And they are all in sync doing what they're supposed to do upon cue. VERY cool! Imagine teaching 8 of them to work together??? WOW!
And yep, I too noticed they are all fully flighted.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Training Tricks - 10/14/10 05:15 PM

PS..forgot to mention about the new seed mix Jeanne. I was hoping someone else who has tried it would come back with comments so i could see if others were as pleased as I am with it. How long has Chip been eating it?
I too noticed a difference in both my guys even tho I THOUGHT they were happy and plenty healthy looking before. They too seem happier,and more energetic.. and where i thought their feathers looked pretty darn good WOW!
Does Chippy seem to REALLY enjoy all that is in it? Mine do, so there is very little wasted smile Keet tested and mother approved! lol
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