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Posted By: Ziggy

question - 11/22/09 11:05 PM

so i came back on thursday from seattle and i went to pick up ziggy from my grandmas house today.
Yesterday i went to get a new bird. I think shes a girl. Her beak is light purple with a little tan color also.
Shes all white with a hint of grey very pretty. I got her from petco and they said she was under 5 months.
she lets me pet her and everything walks around the house.
One thing was she was climbing ziggys cage (their in different cages) and she got to the top ziggy quickly climbed to the top and bit his foot she jumped off quick and landed on the carpet. her wings are clipped so she cant fly. ill post some pics soon prolly 2morrow.
any ideas why he bit her? does he have to get used to her or something??
Posted By: kksuns

Re: question - 11/22/09 11:20 PM

Hey Ziggy, Welcome home! LOL
Yes, they have to get used to each other. You probably should have quarantined the new one for at least 30 days just in case it has an unseen illness. So Zig wouldn't get sick too.
Levi and Ziggy used to bite each others toes thru the cage bars too, when Levi was on Ziggy's cage. Don't really know why..just getting to know each other? Or maybe Ziggy was feeling territorial?

They can thump to the ground pretty hard when they are clipped so be careful about letting her get to high places. How far is it from cage top to floor?
Congrats on the new one! Any names yet?
Don't be surprised if all of a sudden your new one doesn't let you pet her like she is doing now. Sometimes they take a few steps back and decide they don't want contact after all. At first they might be too scared to put up a fuss about things.
Posted By: Ziggy

Re: question - 11/22/09 11:51 PM

lol iidk my mom wanted to name her shanya which is jewish means pretty i kinda wanted something like snow but it wouldnt make much sense. im still kinda debating.
the cage was like 2 feet but now itz a little less.
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