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angry bird maybe

Posted By: raynee

angry bird maybe - 12/19/07 04:01 PM

My bird was riding around on my daughters shoulder Monday and then Tuesday she was not letting anyone come towards her without trying to bite them. What happened?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: angry bird maybe - 12/19/07 04:03 PM

possibly she was just not in the mood to play ... birds have moods just like people do .... there are usually signs that they arent in the mood to be played with or handled you could read up on lisa shea's pages here at the site and it has a ton of info on that stuff smile
Posted By: pretty bird

Re: angry bird maybe - 12/19/07 04:51 PM

May have felt safe with your daughter that day and did not want to leave. My cockatiel Nacho gets that way. If he decides he wants to stay with one of us he will bite at the one trying to take him away.
Posted By: joandboys

Re: angry bird maybe - 12/19/07 11:37 PM

You didn't say if the keet was on her shoulder when she wouldn't let someone come towards her. They bite when they get hormonal or if they just don't want the attention your giving. They sometimes bite if they are not feeling well. They bite when protecting their cage mate or nest of if they are fearful. sometimes it's because something has traumatized him. If you determine that he is healthy then try changing his toys and perches around or moving his cage. For playtime,remove the bird from the room where his cage is and try handling him in a safe place which he's not familiar with at all. If he was previously tame and has just begun the biting perhaps he has been left alone to long and has reverted in his training. Good Luck
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