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breaching success with mearly millet!

Posted By: Candice

breaching success with mearly millet! - 09/15/07 10:12 PM

Pretty bird is picking her old self out of the dark side of the cage and becoming herself again. She used to be the boss of the cage, but sammy came around and she lost her millet loving sence, her bossyness, and I lost her love. But now My baby is back just from the mere tast of millet. I fed her some millet by hand a few sconds ago, and she happily pecked at it violently, then she realized what it was. She was probably thinking ths: "What is that thing you are waving outside of the cage?" Squak! "Why did you bring it into the cage?..." PECK PECK"Is that...Millet?!?!?!" Munches it to the core.

My arms got sore, but that is what I am willing to sacrifice for my babies. She seemed to enjoy it very much, and she almost climbed up my hand, but she only put her foot up so she could eat it easier.

ALSO: Is it normal for a keet with one of those breeder's bracelett thingies on their foot to peck and chew on it? I got sammy and mango from the same person, and have noticed them pecking at it constantly.
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