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!!!!!~~~~~~ 2 Questions ~~~~~~~~~!!!!

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!!!!!~~~~~~ 2 Questions ~~~~~~~~~!!!! - 07/22/07 03:23 AM

1) Since it is so hard to train my 2 parakeets in one cage at the same time, if i do seperate them, wouldn't it mental hurt them or something? What should i do? put each in a different cage and place them where? Different rooms? Other side of the room?? What should i do??
2) My parakeets are so skittish. They are deathly afriad of me. They dont panic and jump around franticly, but they do move away from my hand. Tino and Skyla even jumps away and climbs the cage bars. Does anyone know how i can refrain them from doing this?? I can't concentrate on training them if they keep doing that. Its so fustrating. A little help please!
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Re: !!!!!~~~~~~ 2 Questions ~~~~~~~~~!!!! - 07/22/07 03:28 AM

Actually, 3 questions

3) Is there any methods that makes the parakeets intrested in coming to me by themselves?? Is there any way to make them willingly come to me?? Not quickly though, but slowly is also fine. Also, what are they intrested in? What do they like ? Feedbacks please.
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Re: !!!!!~~~~~~ 2 Questions ~~~~~~~~~!!!! - 07/22/07 05:49 PM

hey, just chill.. they're just nerves right now, give them time and space.. if u keep feeding them and changing their water, they will get use to u... touching ur keets is a really big step, so dont take it until they dont run away from ur hand. just be around their cage alot and always make homemade toys for them to play with. and after some time, try to touch their beak. only their beak.. thats how i did it. just pet their beak. when they get use to the idea of u touching them, then they might let u touch them in their belly, but dont push them and NEVER force a keet to do something they dont want to do, it breaks trust
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Re: !!!!!~~~~~~ 2 Questions ~~~~~~~~~!!!! - 07/22/07 08:27 PM

lolz, yeah i know, but my situation isnt like urs. The real problem is because ihave had them for quite sum time. Prolly 6-7 months. Oh and the beak though, wouldnt it scare them? a mean a big thing just come up to their beak ( which is also near the head ) and starts to touch it. That wouldn't be a good idea because they will be frightend. I'm sure mine would. Plus, different keets have different personallity. Maybe yours let you pet them by the beak but mine sure doesnt ( just tried it now ).
Any more sugestions anyone?
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Re: !!!!!~~~~~~ 2 Questions ~~~~~~~~~!!!! - 07/23/07 02:58 AM

if u had it for half a year, i think it's time you get a little aggressive. get a glove and put it near the bird's belly. If your bird flies off, just do it again. if he doesn't fly but he doesn't step up either, push your finger toward his belly until you lift him up high enough that he uses your finger as a perch.
honestly, if you made no progress in 6 months, there's little chance something's going to happen unless you stop being nice.
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Re: !!!!!~~~~~~ 2 Questions ~~~~~~~~~!!!! - 07/23/07 03:32 AM

welcome to the you not keeping them apart when you first got them,it makes them a little harder too can be done but from what you said it will take a while.don't give up.a lot of us who have had a keets for a year or more are still trying.keets differ like people some are fast learners,other you have to give them time,if you been grabing at them or making them come out you've only added to the problem.your keets don't really know you and they have not learn to trust you.until they trust you they will be hard to train.keets are smart and they can sense you talk softly to them letting them know that you will not harm lisa forum on hand training.good luck and remember easy does it,in time you will win them over.
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Re: !!!!!~~~~~~ 2 Questions ~~~~~~~~~!!!! - 07/23/07 04:32 AM

1)I think you should keep them together. It is not going to be easy to train both of them at the same time. I also think you should try training one keet at a time instead of traing both of them at the same time.
2) When you frist get a keet they can be scare of you but don't give up. They will bond to you in no time.
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