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Cheap Cages?

Posted By: M&M

Cheap Cages? - 07/11/07 10:33 PM

As some of you in my other blog (Jail Bird) read, magie (blue) has a small isue with excaping through of corner of my cage. THe cage is not damaged or anything, its just poorly constructed. ANyway, i was just wondering where some of you got your cages. I got mine from Wallmart, go figure. Anyway, I already checked Petco. And they are all really expensive. I have 2 birds so i need a large cage. Any thing you know would really help.
Posted By: PI2ay

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/12/07 12:21 AM

Bin o' Budgies or Pet Valu might be good. Either way, it's recommended that you make your own cage if you don't want to spend money. It's not hard - just get pieces of board and wood and make it into a square or a rectangle. Now place mesh all around the sides.
Posted By: M&M

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/12/07 12:26 AM

Make your own cage. Now thats a good idea. I'll have to do that, any tips/suggestions on making one? Thats a really good idea. Thanks smile
Posted By: IronFront

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/12/07 12:28 AM

How much were you hoping to spend?
Posted By: M&M

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/12/07 12:42 AM

Like between 50-80 dollars. Needs a stand too.
Posted By: splendiferous

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/12/07 12:46 AM

We bought Casper's house at PetSmart. We won't buy any animals there, but supplies are ok. It is easily big enough for 2 and was around $40. I agree that PetCo's were expensive.
Posted By: M&M

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/12/07 12:48 AM

What is the name of your bird cage? I need it relatively large. $40 huh? WOW, I paid like 70 for mine at Wallmart and It is not that big. What are the dementions of yours?
Posted By: splendiferous

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/12/07 12:53 AM

The name on it is Prevue Hendrix. They have a sight It has a peak on both sides of the roof. 26L X 14W x 22H The height is at the peaks. The middle is rounded like a dome between the peaks.
Posted By: misspuss

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/12/07 01:22 AM

I shopped around online, locally, and like on Craigslist and ebay. Ebay seemed the way to go just cuz there's lots of options and so many that you can usually get them cheap even with the $20 shipping. Eventually though, I bought mine at a local pet store. I went to one, too expensive. Went to another one and SOLD!! Really cheap. You just gotta be determined and do some legwork. Good luck!
Posted By: M&M

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/12/07 02:10 AM

Thanks for the help! I'll have a looksy on ebay and see what I can find. Thanks.
Posted By: Stephanie sweet keets

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/12/07 03:40 AM

I hope you find that perfect cage.
Posted By: big bad momma

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/12/07 03:46 AM

before buying or building a cage look on the forum for correct cage sizes.keets need room to fly and play around in. this post gives a breakdown on recommeded cage sizes,take into account if your going to be getting more birds which is normally the case.good luck and just in case your wonder what size cage my five babies live in it is 5 feet 5 inchs tall,almost as tall as I am.
Posted By: M&M

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/12/07 03:48 PM

Big Bad Momma, where did you get that cage? It must have been really expensive, huh? I wish I had a cage like that! smile
Posted By: daisydawn_2002

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/13/07 01:30 AM

Try Free Cycle if they have it in your area. go to Yahoo and type in Freecycle. signup, and ask around
Posted By: IronFront

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/13/07 01:40 AM

Mine is taller than I am. I got it for about $120 including shipping thanks to
Posted By: M&M

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/13/07 02:01 AM

Cool, thanks guys!!
Posted By: Four Keets

Re: Cheap Cages? - 07/13/07 10:48 PM

This is more than the budget, but it comes with a stand and it is huge. I am thinking of adding a fourth and there still would be tons of room!!
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