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bloody wings

Posted By: sidra

bloody wings - 08/09/06 10:32 PM

hello my names sidra and im curious when i got my bird at petco i asked this lady that took my bird out that worked their if she could cut my parakeets wings since i didn't know how to i was new when i bought the parakeet home her wings were bleeding!!! its been about a year later now she can fly a little but theirs blood coming out of her feather which i cleaned before with a wet rag wat should i do she flys fine its just bleeding im curious?? wat should i do
Posted By: colr4life

Re: bloody wings - 08/09/06 10:51 PM

Hello, I am a new member, but I have a friend who is a pro on all types of birds. She said that if the Petco Person who cut the wings did it right, the wing itself is OK, it is probably the "blood feathers". If these feathers are cut in the wrong place, the blood vessels will remain open, thus bleeding. She suggested to pluck the remaining stem of the feather to stop it from bleeding.Blood feathers occur naturally she said, but when you cut them in the wrong place, your pet will bleed continuously. Hopefully this is all it was and not a Petco accident. Hope that helps.
Posted By: sampa

Re: bloody wings - 08/10/06 12:27 AM

i am not sure about pulling out a blood feather.... I hope someone who's more savvy than I am will answer this post.
Posted By: colr4life

Re: bloody wings - 08/10/06 05:17 AM

I found a site about blood feathers that may be helpful. If in doubt, a vet is always a good choice. Good Luck!
Posted By: sidra

Re: bloody wings - 08/10/06 06:14 AM

thanks for helping
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