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[B]He doesn't sleep![/B]

Posted By: firecracker

[B]He doesn't sleep![/B] - 04/30/06 05:02 AM

I got my parakeet about three weeks ago. I've noticed that he doesn't sleep! I make sure to cover the cage so that no light leaks in (is that necessary?. I've been up in the middle of the night lately, and when I peek in, there he is, staring back at me! He doesn't sleep during the day- I know this because I'm in the room a lot. If you can tell me what this means, and if it's normal, I'd appreciate it a lot!
Also, when teaching the bird to talk, is it necassary to keep on repeating the desired word for the full recommended half-hour? It can get very tiring. How long will it take for him to catch on if I repeat it for a few steady minutes every day?
Also, how do they learn their own and other people's names?
Posted By: Cristina

Re: [B]He doesn't sleep![/B] - 04/30/06 05:13 AM

Hi Firecracker!

Your budgie is sleeping. Budgie's are really light sleepers so if you turn on the lights (or have the lights off) and peek in their cage they will know and will be alert to find out what's going on around them. They are very alert with any movement. It is normal. Just make sure he does get a good night sleep without any noise for at least 8 hours a day. Keets should sleep 10-12 hours a day, a chunk of it is done at night.

You don't have to repeat the desired word over and over, you can mix it in with other words and just say the desired word much more times than the other words just so it doesn't get tiring. Once he learns how to say his first word, it gets much easier for him to pick up other words.

If you want him to learn his name or your name just say it to him a lot.

Good luck and hope everything works out! Let us know how it goes!
Posted By: Princess Shia

Re: [B]He doesn't sleep![/B] - 04/30/06 01:58 PM

I wanted 2 re-ask a question do we have 2 say the desired words 30 minz a does get a lil tired 2 keep saying the same 2-4 words 30 minz str8 can i just do it 5 minz a day or will that not work?
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