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!!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!!

Posted By: AyEe Y0o

!!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!! - 03/26/06 12:31 AM

^^^ It was only 10 bucks, plus, I had Cristina's help in choosing. I needed a small cage, the dimensions are 10.5 Wide x 8 Depth x 12.5 Height, the reason for this cage is "if", God forbid, one of my puppish gets a tiny bit sick, and I know how to treat it, and I don't want the others getting sick, so for a day or so, I could leave him/her in this cage, or if it's too serious, I can rush out of the house with the sick keet to the nearest vet... quickly! Or if one's fighting the others, punishment, time out,however you call it, I can put the bad guy in this cage and cover the cage for a few minutes... there's many reasons to list! Lol! Hopefully, I don't get to use this cage for any of those reasons! ^^^

Thanks for reading...
Posted By: icequeen50

Re: !!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!! - 03/26/06 01:02 AM

that is an excellant thing to do, having a cage for all those reasons, good choice and good thinking.
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: !!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!! - 03/26/06 01:11 AM

Thank you!
Posted By: Stephanie sweet keets

Re: !!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!! - 03/26/06 02:14 AM

Only ten bucks that a good price and that cage look very cozy so are you going to put all your parakeets in that cage?
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: !!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!! - 03/26/06 03:01 AM

Beautiful keets! You may want to resize the picture, though, and read my first message to get what you're asking me. 0=]
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: !!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!! - 03/26/06 03:05 AM

I think it's a bit too small! 0=]
Posted By: Lindzey and the Gang

Re: !!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!! - 03/26/06 01:29 PM

Good for you!! I have one that is just a tad bit bigger that I use for the reasons you stated. Seperation due to illness, time out, training time, vet visits, all that good stuff.

I think its an investment EVERY bird owner should make. Its cheap, and its lightweight... and its very very nice to have! It helps SO much, and for $10, I wonder why some people don't get one!!

Yours is alot cuter than mine... mine is a square. LOL And that little door holder-open thingy is neato... my guillotine-door cage doesn't have that!
Posted By: pretty bird

Re: !!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!! - 03/26/06 11:08 PM

I think I'm glad now that when I got my first bird I got a smaller bird cage. After a couple of weeks thought she needed a larger one so got her one. I thought to that if I would have to take her somewhere it was a good one for that. Any way now we have a total of 3 birds in the house and ended up having 5 cages.
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: !!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!! - 03/27/06 12:00 AM

I'm glad every one is seeing it this way.... 0=]

Good Lucky and God Blessy!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: !!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!! - 03/27/06 12:15 AM

We have 5 birds and 3 cages. I also bought a small one for transportation/quarantine purposes when I bought Sunny. We're going to build a cage similar to the one that pretty bird's husband built for her birds. 3' or 4' wide (depending on if we can find a tray 4' wide or not) x 2' deep and 4' tall with another 2' for the legs ( 6' tall altogether). Kind of like an indoor aviary. We're gonna try all 5 of them in there together, although Romeo and Juliet have never interacted with the others except through the cage bars when the others are on top of their cage playing and stuff. I think they'll be ok, but if they aren't we plan on putting Romeo and Juliet back in the biggest cage - wanna give them a chance to all live together though. I just wish Romeo and Juliet would respond to training - I've had them the longest and they still freak out anytime anything comes into their cage. I'm thinking about separating them for awhile to see if that makes it easier, but I hate the thought of them being apart since they love each other so much!!!! Advice???
Posted By: Pigwidgeon

Re: !!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!! - 03/27/06 02:00 AM

Oh, that's nifty! Great price too! ^__^ I've got a blue one, although I think it's a bit smaller...I almost sold it a few months ago, but then I decided to keep it around for pet visits and such. ^^
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: !!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!! - 03/27/06 02:16 AM

Good thing you kept it! It will serve you and your puppish (keets) well! 0=]
Posted By: sixbirds

Re: !!!!!10 Buck Cage!!!!! - 03/27/06 07:59 PM

i have a cage like that for transportation.
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