Lisa Shea!

Posted By: DyersEve726! - 02/17/06 07:17 PM

Say hello to Bella and Charlie

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Posted By: Reena

Re:! - 02/17/06 07:20 PM

beautiful budgies and very good photos!
Posted By: sixbirds

Re:! - 02/17/06 07:23 PM

yup smile
Posted By: mamakeet

Re:! - 02/17/06 07:37 PM

WOW!!! DyersEve726 those keets are pretty! I am fond of the blue and white ones! that was the color of my first baby! I miss him!!!

R.I.P Pretty Boy

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Posted By: i_love_keeets

Re:! - 02/17/06 07:45 PM

sooooooooooo cute !! great pics, very very beautiful
Posted By: paula k

Re:! - 02/18/06 04:30 AM

I love their colors.
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re:! - 02/18/06 04:33 AM

Really, they are gorgeous! Bella's a pretty girl and Charlie's a handsome guy!
Posted By: Kait

Re:! - 02/18/06 06:43 PM

I'm glad to see pics smile They look beautiful!
Posted By: Cristina

Re:! - 02/18/06 07:38 PM

WOw! They are both so pretty and unique. Thanks for sharing them!
Posted By: Cully's Mom

Re:! - 02/18/06 09:18 PM

Oh my what lovely birds! I just love Charlie's coloring in particular! I love those wings! Great pictures!!!
Posted By: sixbirds

Re:! - 02/18/06 09:20 PM

LOL the first one looks like hes telling her a secret! thats so cute!
Posted By: DyersEve726

Re:! - 02/18/06 10:39 PM

Thanks for all the comments guys smile It does look like he's telling a secret
Posted By: ABILoveBirdies

Re:! - 02/23/06 04:16 PM

i wish i could put pictures on here for everybody to see but i can't i don't know how to. i love your birds my birds name's are abbie and bella too
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