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I got new bird ~pics~

Posted By: i_love_keeets

I got new bird ~pics~ - 02/16/06 09:08 PM

Since Spicy and Tiny get along well, leaving Choicy all alone, I got him a partner. I named her Chuy smile
She is still adjusting to the new surroundings. Well, I hope she is a she, the breeder told me so.

Choicy still likes to be a bit aloof, hopefully Chuy will win his heart !!

I also have been able to get Choicy on the perch and have finger trained Spicy and a bit of Tiny. Spicy sits on my shoulder for a long time and comfortably on my finger. Since she is the most aggresive af them all, I think all others will follow.

The gang has now become louder, with the addition of Chuy, but its fun. I love them all !!

Here are some pics:
[img] [IMG] [/img][/IMG] [img] [IMG] [/img][/IMG] [img] [IMG] [/img][/IMG] [img] [IMG] [/img][/IMG] [img] [IMG] [/img][/IMG]
Posted By: sixbirds

Re: I got new bird ~pics~ - 02/17/06 07:59 PM

umm..i think you messed it up..
Posted By: mamakeet

Re: I got new bird ~pics~ - 02/17/06 08:03 PM

Can't see pics!
Posted By: i_love_keeets

Re: I got new bird ~pics~ - 02/17/06 08:13 PM

I did some goof up, pics are not loaded with the post frown you can see the pics and the post under the message heading "Oops Pics here"

Thanks !!
Posted By: sixbirds

Re: I got new bird ~pics~ - 02/17/06 08:17 PM

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