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Posted By: AyEe Y0o

PICS, RECENTLY TOOK! - 02/15/06 01:33 AM

^^ The Name Says It All ^^

^^ Them, Inside Their Cage! ^^
Posted By: Nadia_123

Re: PICS, RECENTLY TOOK! - 02/15/06 10:00 AM

I loveeee the first pic laugh

and I have never seen a cage like a castle before..its soo cuteeeeee...and fitting them all in there hehe its like they are having a secrete budgie party laugh ...but is it too small? or are they loose all the time? cause i'm planing on having a few more, down the line...any tips from your experience?
Posted By: marie

Re: PICS, RECENTLY TOOK! - 02/15/06 03:03 PM

My advice is to get the biggest cage you possibly can, regardless of how many birds you have. They really respond in an amazing way to the extra space. You wouldn't even know mine were the same birds from when I had them in a small cage, it made such a HUGE difference. They're active ALL THE TIME!

Those pics are SO CUTE Aye Yoo! I also really love your icon.
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: PICS, RECENTLY TOOK! - 02/15/06 07:01 PM

Yeah guys I'm getting a 2nd cage, Flight Cage, 30W x 18D x 36H... oh, Featherstone Heights "Victorian" cage... is 18W x 18D x 25.5H... I think... it's perfect! 2 big cages is a big yes yes!!

Anyway, they're always out... they just roam there to there... and when their littlw tummies start rumbling they could go back and forth to either cage to eat, play and sleep, plus, I'm getting an English Budgie!

Wish me luck guys!
Posted By: Cristina

Re: PICS, RECENTLY TOOK! - 02/16/06 12:39 AM

Aye Yoo, I'm so happy you decided to get a bigger cage. Which one did you end up getting??

Oh geez, I just realized you mentioned the dimensions. Well that's great and I'm sure they'll love it.
Posted By: Nadia_123

Re: PICS, RECENTLY TOOK! - 02/16/06 03:16 AM

everyone is getting an english budgieeeeeee me want one tooooooooo lolzzzzz

its so great being able to let your budgie loose all the time...mine is still in training and by the looks of it, i think by next week..Nabeel is ready for a flight trial laugh

cant wait to see your new cage and how the gang will enjoy their new castle wink
Posted By: AyEe Y0o

Re: PICS, RECENTLY TOOK! - 02/16/06 05:43 AM





That's the drawer I'm putting my new cage on top of, it's 34W x 17.5D x (TO THE CEILING, LOL)

It's a great spot! And oh, the cardboards I taped there are for a reason, to keep the seed shells of the floor and my bed... as much as it can do!

^^^ That picture shows the distance of my 1st to the 2nd, and it's like 11 feet in distances, enough for them to enjoy roaming! EVEN MORE!!!

Enjoy guys!!!
Posted By: Cristina

Re: PICS, RECENTLY TOOK! - 02/16/06 05:49 AM

Nice pics! lol, I'm sure the cage WILL hit the ceiling. Hopefully it will fit perfectly and not too big for the shelf.

I love all the pics, thanks for sharing them!
Posted By: sixbirds

Re: PICS, RECENTLY TOOK! - 02/17/06 08:09 PM

my parakeet cage is 9" by 12". smile did i scare you? because thats not the cage size. thats the carrier size for the vets office and stuff wink the cage is a lot bigger smile
Posted By: i_love_keeets

Re: PICS, RECENTLY TOOK! - 02/17/06 08:33 PM

wow, so much to do for the keets. I love your hanging toy, your birds sure have great hang outs.
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