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Leaps and Bounds

Posted By: climbtreez

Leaps and Bounds - 02/12/06 03:29 PM

I am just so happy! My birds use to be very inactive, never touching their toys or water but somthing has clicked inside them and they got active.

They still sit in there corner alot but now they play with there coconut like there are right now, I saw tiki putting her head in the bath tub yesterday(not fully but its a start), they chewed on there mineral block and cuttlebone, and yesterday there were playing with one of there bells. There turnind into little two year olds.
Posted By: icequeen50

Re: Leaps and Bounds - 02/12/06 04:03 PM

Spring is in the air!
Posted By: Cully's Mom

Re: Leaps and Bounds - 02/12/06 05:03 PM

You know, its so strange, you hear it over and over... its like one day they just WAKE UP!

They are one bird one day and another bird the next!
Posted By: Capt. Haddock

Re: Leaps and Bounds - 02/12/06 06:43 PM

That happened to me with my new bird.

But then she went back to being lazy and grumpy...and then on certain days she's friendly and full of energy.

Schizo birds!
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