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Bathing Holders

Posted By: Replacment

Bathing Holders - 09/22/05 10:03 PM

I was wondering if anyone could post a picture of what there parakeet holders look like. You know like when you put them in the shower with you. Also, if you made one PLEASE post a picture as well as store bought ones smile . Thanks!
Posted By: Madison

Re: Bathing Holders - 09/22/05 10:52 PM

I'll get a picture soon, but I made one out of PVC and suction cups. I wound up having to modify it to hang from my shower caddy because the marlite lining my shower isn't smooth enough for the suction cups...
But all you need is some half-inch PVC pipe ($1.50ish), a hacksaw (or get them to cut it for you)and four elbow joints. A drill is handy to make the holes to put the suction cup hooks into. Anyway, more later. It's super cheap and east to do and comparable to the store bought ones that sell for over $20. You just need to hang a washcloth or something on it so they can grip it. If you wanted to get fancy, you could even make a cover for it. smile
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