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What Breed Is My Parakeet?

Posted By: TiffyBug

What Breed Is My Parakeet? - 04/19/16 08:29 AM

I have asked this question many times and I just want a professional point of view my family has argued of what sex my parakeet is Casper is a albino which makes it a lot more difficult to determine the answer... smirk I have a picture and I hope it can be used to figure out the answer thank you for your help! Please click this link to view my sweet Casper! ---> [img][/img]
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: What Breed Is My Parakeet? - 04/21/16 12:32 AM

Are you asking what breed the parakeet is or if the parakeet is male or female? Your title of the post says breed ...?

Also, there's no way to judge 100% if a male or female unless the bird lays an egg or a doctor sees the genitals. All other "indicators" are mere guesswork.
Posted By: TiffyBug

Re: What Breed Is My Parakeet? - 04/22/16 07:52 AM

I'm sorry I was a little out of it when I posted this XD I was wondering what the sex was not the breed, I was hoping someone might know enough to at least attempt a guess, the nose is purple almost magenta and this is very confusing because males can have purple noses but also it may just be a dark pink I was hoping maybe people could see the image and guesstimate smirk ~Tiff
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