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Sick/Stressed Parakeet. PLEASE HELP!

Posted By: snufrozemaniah

Sick/Stressed Parakeet. PLEASE HELP! - 07/07/15 06:38 PM

Hi Everyone,

My parakeet had been playing in some water a week and a half ago, and had been lethargic, sleeping alot, and eating very little. Now, she eats and her droppings have become normal. However, she still sleeps alot, is mostly puffed up, and lethargic. Can someone please give me advice on how to help her? Thanks guys!
Posted By: Kimash

Re: Sick/Stressed Parakeet. PLEASE HELP! - 08/23/15 05:32 PM

I see that no one answered your message. How is your parakeet acting now? They can act like your description when they are getting ready to molt. They are usually quiet and lethargic. But get her to a vet if there's any doubt.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Sick/Stressed Parakeet. PLEASE HELP! - 08/25/15 10:43 PM

I think we answered in a different thread but it's definitely good to have it here, too, in case a visitor finds this thread and needs the same help.

Kimash is exactly right - always check with a vet when there's any doubt. Keets are trained by nature to hide any sign of illness. They don't want to be the "weak link" that predators exploit. So you can't go by outward signs of problem with keets. Even subtle changes can mean a lot.
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