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Seeking Half-English Budgie Near Central Illinois

Posted By: JaneBucci

Seeking Half-English Budgie Near Central Illinois - 10/01/13 01:00 AM

My budgie, Ozzie, (8.5+ yrs old) died recently -- I am on facebook, so you can see him there.

Please help me locate (to buy) a young half-English male Budgie ...
I like blues and grays, spangle or gray-wing or normal, but not pieds.

I am aware that I can search classifieds on line and bird fairs etc (I am doing all of that) --

I am hoping to find a small aviary that does not always advertise.

I am in Springfield, IL. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You in advance!
Posted By: LIGGRS

Re: Seeking Half-English Budgie Near Central Illinois - 04/15/15 12:51 AM

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