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Surprise!! (Part I)

Posted By: LoRaXspeek4keets

Surprise!! (Part I) - 12/03/09 12:08 AM

SO, it's been forever since I've posted any new pics of the animals. I went home for Thanksgiving and, for once, remembered to bring my camera, so here's Nene:

Every time I come home, for the first 3 hours/couple of days, Nene decides that he's never seen me before in his life. Here he is hiding from me in his cage...very sneaky Nene...

Then, when he decides that he does, in fact know me, he gives me his big attitude and glares at me

Then, when he's done pouting, he then proceeds to blatantly ignore me and only be nice to my mother, AKA the lady who gives him snacks. She just bought him a new tub, which he will only go near if she brings it to him. But if I touch it, it's almost certainly because I'm trying to kill him.
(Sorry these are so blurry--I couldn't get close enough to my Mom handing him his tub without him flying away)

After he's done ignoring me, he eyes me suspiciously some more,...

...Allows me to come near him,...

...And then finally graces me by perching on my finger...haughtily...

I'm telling y'all, once I get my own place and can take him in again, he is going to be in need of some SERIOUS retraining.
Posted By: LoRaXspeek4keets

Re: Surprise!! (Part I) - 12/03/09 01:57 AM

Sorry I posted this twice--my internet has gone insane. frown
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