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Ummmmm does your bird do this?

Posted By: Puds

Ummmmm does your bird do this? - 09/16/09 10:42 PM

Short video of my "normal" Puddles. This is how she is all the time....

Puddles really likes her new cage smile She did this run back and fourth thing in her tiny white one, but it was no where near as cute as it is now smile She really gets going, starts running, then ends in hopping adorably back and fourth. Normally i ignore it and wait until she stops to leave her out. But now i cannot help it, i need to see if anyone elses Budgie Budgie does this smile <3<3

We all just got done eating. For supper i gave her some pellets, broccoli and a bit of seed. She seems to like it, as she has been this active for the past 10 minutes. I would let her out but i am trying to teach her that she does not get out by begging. Besides she is having alot of fun. She is stopping the running and is playing with her toys. Her favorite game seems to be Get the toys off the cage!

THIS is the budgie that went away with seed diet. THIS is how active my budgie budgie is allllllllllll the time Whoooo i got my hands full!
Posted By: peepers14

Re: Ummmmm does your bird do this? - 09/16/09 11:18 PM

budgies are a lot more active in the morning and late evening. she must wants some attention too
Posted By: tigresstki

Re: Ummmmm does your bird do this? - 09/17/09 12:17 AM

Um no they do jump from perch to perch all crazily though sometimes they dont really do that should name her flash haha shes so fast
Posted By: ___JA

Re: Ummmmm does your bird do this? - 09/17/09 12:20 AM

Rocky paces when he wants out of his cage, not to the extreme of a hyper active budgie like Puddles though!
Posted By: memorys

Re: Ummmmm does your bird do this? - 09/26/09 05:29 AM

lol that is like a hyper bird. maby its getting like to much sugar or somthing lol i wish my bird did that!!
Posted By: Dev

Re: Ummmmm does your bird do this? - 09/28/09 05:30 PM

My parakeet (which I have only had a week) did this when he wanted out, he would run from side to side to get my attention then jump onto the door as I approached and hang there as I opened it then hop onto my finger smile

He's stopped doing this now though frown

I got a video of him doing it one time, it's not the best example and I don't think he's as fast as yours but its still pretty funny.
Posted By: Puds

Re: Ummmmm does your bird do this? - 09/29/09 12:31 PM

OMG i just watched my video. She really is a blurr sometimes shocked

Eeeeee Dev thats exactly how Puddles started her runs...slow and tame. But then if i was busy on the phone or simply could not let her out she would start to do hers suuuuppppperrrrr run! Your little keety is so small LOL i do love the colors!
Posted By: Caninerz

Re: Ummmmm does your bird do this? - 10/01/09 09:05 AM

psheew psheew psheeeeeew!!! lol
Posted By: LuvMyPets

Re: Ummmmm does your bird do this? - 10/02/09 11:30 PM

Wow my birdie IceCube is not nearly that hyper, in fact she's not that active at all she just sits there, while on the other hand BigFoot is very hyper like that.
Posted By: Toukie

Re: Ummmmm does your bird do this? - 10/16/09 09:54 PM

My Wesker does that, too. When he wants me to let him come out and play. They are soooo cute lol
Posted By: baby blue

Re: Ummmmm does your bird do this? - 10/16/09 10:38 PM

should put her in budgie olympics!!!! holy cow, she sure moves, too bad you couldn't get a speedometer and clock her!!
btw, did you get your mail?
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