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Pictures of my daughters birds

Posted By: Charlett

Pictures of my daughters birds - 08/06/09 12:26 AM

These are my daughter's two parakeets. She is just crazy about them and wanted to share pictures. These 2 are not in the same cage as their personalities are too different. Baby is a lot on the energetic side and Peepers is extremely calm.

This is Baby. He is albino. Loves to hang upside down!


This is Peepers. He is a Rosey Bourke Parakeet. Very very quiet bird. We really dont know if he's male or female, we just call him a he!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Pictures of my daughters birds - 08/06/09 12:53 AM

What pretty birds!!! Lucky you (or lucky her since they are your daughters)
Posted By: MgateTina

Re: Pictures of my daughters birds - 08/06/09 01:18 AM

Oh I love them!!!!! The Rosey Bourkes are very rare (from what I read online). But then again I couldn't even find a Budgie Breeder any where nearby I had to go to PetSmart.. Those babies are adorable I love the pics!! I added a pic of my new babies to my signature, hope it works so everybody can see Cleo & Piper.. I love them, I"m just waiting for them to love me back smile
Posted By: baby blue

Re: Pictures of my daughters birds - 08/06/09 03:21 AM

bourkes are so beautiful! is upside down a genetic thing i wonder? my albino, redneck spends a third of her day like that. hanging by both feet or 9more often) one foot, from whatever she can grip onto!!
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