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Need feedback for my playgym!

Posted By: Puds

Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/20/09 09:41 PM

Hello, My fiance built me a bird playgym. He had finished it up the other day, and then it was my turn to add toys and goodies.

We both went step by step and looked to see if every product we used was considered "bird safe" The following gym is what we came up with. the large side of the gym wall can be unscrewed and eaiser to wipe up and clean. Edges were sanded lovely by my fiance and i can run my hands across the edges with no fear of splinters.

Items used were parts of her toys, wood chips, birch rods, washed up string, pony beads (plasic!!), food dye, straws, and of course others. We used glue, hot and wood to help secure perches. But mainly the perches are held together with force. The wood was drilled exact, and the pieces were fit together. If you see anything that looks iffy please ask! I have a list of things used and i am ready for advice. PLEASE do not hold back, if you think something is dangerous let me know laugh there are 2 side notes. Glue is not completly dry...hehe i just wanted to take pics before supper time, ALSO the red...bits you see are pieces of loose food colored paper towel. They will be brushed off.

Posted By: **mattie**

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/20/09 10:49 PM


I like your play-gym a lot! smile

You might want to secure *in picture 3* the little ball's string.
Looks a little like it could fall off.

May I ask what kind of glue you have used?
If it is the Elmers glue [non-toxic] your fine.

Posted By: Puds

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/20/09 11:50 PM

Oh tell me about it :Z I cannot get that toy to look like it can withstand a beating! I am thinking i may attach a straw, horizontaly then attach the ball toy that way. I have about 30 knots in about 10 places on that darn toy, but i still do not like it. I also feel that if i have to move, while she is on it i could hit her with it.

For the inner parts we used Elmers Wood glue. We called the company to this one, and they stated all things are non toxic, and that its safe. It also says here Wood glue is fine. There was a few other forums, but i dont need to link up the post LOL. Also hot glue (the low temp...kind) was used to help keep other things in place and also cover up the large black screws on the outside of the toy stand. We both made sure that Puddles would have to go out of her way to get to the glue and to chew it up. When we say out of her way, she has to either shrink down, and fit under and in places, get into mucho trouble while out on this toy.

My thoughts are Puddles should never be left out, while i am not in the room, too many dangers, so there will always be supervision for her and her perch. It 100% as safe as i can get it, but she will find a way probably :P little buggar!

Soooo, how do i get her on it? laugh
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/21/09 01:09 AM

it looks really awesome... but the glue is a concern.

are you 100% positive the glue is no where the bird can come into contact with it?? even if they chew the perches ???

other than that it looks really awesome !!!
Posted By: Parakeet 3lover

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/21/09 01:56 AM

really good job!
way bettrer then the onw i made then again im only 14 anyways really good.
Posted By: Puds

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/21/09 02:00 AM

He sanded the joints, where there may have been buildup and excess. The joints are discolored, and i think it is because of the dye being centralized, grain getting roughed up there or something along those lines. The perches are died, be darned that you cannot see it though, on most at least.

I am worried to say 100% but when i look at this one i saw in the pet store ours looked much better. when i run my finger along the toy all i feel are grain of wood. Except for the base, where she would have to lay on her back, side or sit down and get into the cracks. I do not see this happening, as she is a bird that likes to stay high. I tend to keep puddles in her cage, unless i can devote my full attention to her. Because she is not as trained as i would like her to be (i still have to "touch stick" to get her to return to the cage) i think she may only have about 30 minutes max on this toy a day. At least untill i can trust that if she were to get scared, or a emergency i could get her to step to me. I think i will let it sit beside her for about a week, just to see if any issues arise with the item, then start to introduce it to our work area. With the speed she is progressing at training(sllooooowww) i should be able to get a picture of her on it in a few years. laugh I am going to look at it again for glue. It really goes invisible when dry. we picked clear so she would not be attracted to the different colors.
Posted By: KT 157

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/21/09 02:18 AM

Looks great! did you buy pieces or did you make all pieces yourself?
Posted By: thekeetdad

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/21/09 02:34 AM

thats a really good one i should have made mine but i bought it frown
Posted By: Puds

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/21/09 03:14 AM

KT Justin (fiance) made it from woods that were bird approved. The base is the only piece that was not altered. Its actually a shelf from a cabinet...or something like that. Some of the toys are made from string, straws beads and time. i would say the toys took more time then money, as well as the entire stand. The strings are knotted about 30 times, and then secured with force in a hole...ugh! Safty was #1 and i took more then i wanted to toys apart due to safety.

Cerdull. this probably took about 10$ to make...abouts. But over a month of planning and making. It also took crazy big machine tools that are really loud and make mess frown I am planning on buying my next one! Just to try to save from cleaning darn saw dust up....not to mention having a half finished project haunting my OCD clean room...
Posted By: thekeetdad

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/21/09 03:31 AM

10$ is cheaper than buying them they are like 15$ so a 5 dollar difference, But. I would say 5$ more is better than doing the work, But still I think, I am gonna make me one smile
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/21/09 04:11 AM

Posted By: KT 157

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/21/09 06:12 AM

is justin the one with the budge on here your finance? smile How cool! I have a lot of time on my hands and not a lot of money so I might go that way. Did you just find wood around your house?? How do I know if it is safe? I reads the section on the safe glue so I knew which ones I can use for that part. smile Thanks for the help!! Love your new avatar pic! :smile:
Posted By: Parakeet 3lover

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/21/09 12:29 PM

Really good!
ow long did it take
mine took about 4 days it was really hard but i got it done and i was so happy since im only 14 i cant wait till my new paraket chio can try it!
Posted By: Parakeet 3lover

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/21/09 12:30 PM

and mines not nearly that big
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/21/09 02:08 PM

Awesome job Kawaii!! I love it and I'm sure Puddles will too. Good idea to put it next to her cage for a while so she can get used to it. Maybe play with the toys now and then and make out like it's the coolest thing ever.LOL She'll get curious and want to check it out.
I've made lots of toys with those jingle balls too. Sometimes i use dif sized beads or straws along the string. Alot of times i just loop it over something on the playstand and they actually like to work at it until they can knock it down then throw/drag it around a bit! I think they feel like they've accomplished something by taking it down from where i put it smile
Anyway, excellent job and homemade is cheaper AND better than store bought smile
Posted By: Darkness

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/21/09 04:42 PM

That's a really cool playgym!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/22/09 01:37 AM

I think you should take orders!!
Posted By: Puds

Re: Need feedback for my playgym! - 07/22/09 02:12 AM

Oh wow, i got busy and distracted did not see so many posts laugh my Justin is not the Justin on here. Oddly my Justin does not get too too along with my little bird (deep voice larger figure, not around her enough) And JustinA rocks my socks off with his birds laugh LOL

NO please do not go around your home and use any wood. Use this Wood for dummy bird owners lists. Its in nice colums and reasy to read. Great for info!

Justins grandfather has been in Custom wood working all his life so we had high quality products (edges, scrap) available to us for free. The wood we used was cleaned and inspected for stowaways. The perches are made from birch dowls, and honestly did the job for any where from .30 cents to 1.50 for a 3 foot piece. We bought them from a craft store, in hopes it would be cleaner then the hands at the tool store. It took a while for us to work at getting it safe and clean.

i think this size is about 12x20 and it fits beside her cage like ment to be! Only problem is i have problems with "visual clutter" and i tend to put in under the cage.

KKsuns i love that idea, in fact i am going to change it around a little tomorrow laugh I feel puddles has that personality and it should let her want to get on to take things down.

c. mom LOL no orders. but i think justin liked making it, as he got to use big tools. I get a lovely toy for my bird, and he gets power tools laugh ---i also used a drill...;) hehehe i was terrified that my hair would get sucked up and in shocked

Thanks for looking and pointing out the weak spots! the toy idea is great. In a bit i am sure puddles will test it out. As of today she would not even train on that side of her cage. But as the day went on, and i played with the strings she did look. After all looking is better then being on the other side of the cage! LOL i tried to let her out to play in her bath. what normally takes me opening the door for her to get out...well i waited and played for about 30 minutes and it was a no go. Nothing unusual about that, she was scared. She will get interested in it over time laugh Thanks again for the feedback all!

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