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My baby flew away :((((

Posted By: lagirl143

My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 06:26 AM

I just can’t believe this is happening. I have Peace for almost 2 years & he always loves flying around the house. I try to leave the cage open whenever I’m home, since I’m always in school & feel very bad that they can’t come out to play as much as they used to. Peace would usually just make a quick lapse near by his cage & flight right back inside. He does almost the exact same routine every time he flies out so I was never really concerned that he’ll be flying somewhere off track (within the house). So today I had the cage open while I’m downstairs with the flock. For some reason, I decided to go up to my room & come back downstairs soon so I didn’t close the cage….Unfortunately, when I come down about ½ hr. later, I didn’t see Peace in his cage anymore. At first, I thought maybe he’s “lying” on the top of his cage (he does that sometimes), but after searching & searching, I still couldn’t find him. So then I knew my Mom has let the house door open when she went to the garden. I reminded her many times this morning to close it because the bird cage is open….but I know it’s still my fault, I assumed my Mom will remember & that Peace would not fly anywhere other than his usual routine :( I’ve been looking everywhere for him, around the house, the neighborhood. I even brought the cage outside for a little while, hoping that he’ll hear the other guys & fly back. But so far nothing. Couple houses from me there’s like this jungle of trees – “no trespassing” area also, so looking for a sign of him is nearly impossible. I posted an ad on Craiglist right away, will try to post posters around my neighborhood….but somehow I’m starting to lose hope already. It’s around 60 degrees here at night, high 70-75. Peace is a very timid boy; he doesn’t even know how to stand up for himself like the other guys do so I have a very special bond with him. I’ve always wanted my birds to be freely flapping their happy wings….flying around my house, but I never wanted they’ll be “free” like this. I know there are all kinds of predators out there so I’m just praying to God that an animal lover will find him before anything happen. This is such a hard lesson to swallow & I hope nobody will ever have this mistake as I did today!!! I feel like such a terrible Mom right now :((( This could have been easily prevented... [img][/img] I’m so sorry Peace. Mommy is missing very much so please come back or please be safe ok!!!! You'll always hold a special place in my heart...
Posted By: Chocoemilk

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 06:31 AM

Has that been this morning?
Are you completely certain that he flew away? Maybe he's just hiding in the house?
Also tomorrow try again taking the cage outside and ask as much people as you can!

MY thoughts are with you, I hope you find your peace!
Posted By: lagirl143

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 06:52 AM

I found him missing at around 2:00 PM this afternoon. Actually, at first I also thought that he's just hiding somewhere in the house. But we all kept searching & searching everywhere & there's absolutely not a single sign of him. For sure, he didn't fly upstairs because all the rooms were closed & we didn't see or hear anything. It's only downstairs & there are only a few places to look for.

Thanks I'll try to bring the cage outside again tomorrow. I'm making some posters for him right now...:(
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 07:04 AM

omg lagirl i am so sorry!!! things can happen so so fast.

put his a cage that he knows outside with mirrors in it and a bowl of water (they will reflect the sun and attract the eye, also he will be looking for water) maybe some millet and some food as well (bird seed or pellet, dont want to attract the wrong animal)

call him alot, he knows your voice. take another bird out (caged) and they will call for him.

do this everyday parakeets often come home within a few days and sometimes weeks later.

hopefully he stayed clsoe by and is up high in a tree safe.

im so sorry!!!
Posted By: tweetymom

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 07:21 AM

Aw what a terrible thing for you and Peace! Good luck for Peace and sorry to you.

Asking God for light and protection for Peace.

I hope he shows up. Are you going to leave the cage outside tonight? I think you ought to.

Of course please keep us posted.
Posted By: lagirl143

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 07:53 AM

Thanks for your suggestions & warm wishes. Yes things can definitely happen so quickly & so unexpected. I’ve been posting on other lost & found pets websites so keeping my fingers crossed here. There are many wild birds around my house (the small brown ones, I don’t know the name). They always come to my yard & eat the old bird seeds I throw out, 5-6 of them at a time. I brought the cage outside this afternoon with the other birds inside. Do you think the wild birds will scare my guys inside if I put some foods on the top of the cage? Or should I just put it on the ground, next to the cage? I’ll definitely try the mirror & water bowl, great idea :) I brought the cage inside already, cuz I have the other birds in there too. I can’t wait til tomorrow so I can start searching for him again...Oh and all the fireworks will scare him tomorrow :(
Posted By: tweetymom

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 08:04 AM

Oh I do hope he comes back! If you only have the one cage, I see your point. Also I don't know about leaving your other birds outside in the cage. Mites from wild birds.

You and Peace are in my prayers and thoughts!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 09:05 AM

oh no the fire works!!!

i would suggest all day tomorrow, specially first thing in the morning take the cage outside with one of the other birds so they will chirp and call him, and see f he will come and leave a cage outside all day long and just keep tryng to locate him, maybe make a recording of a budgie calling and play it very loud outside for him.. poor peace!
Posted By: tweetymom

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 09:15 AM

The recording thing would be great to do!! I recorded my birds on my cell phone and played it back to them and they just went crazy!!

If Peace hears his friends talking on a recording ( you can play it back loudly in the yard ) it might help him to orient himself back to your yard and the cage!

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 10:13 AM

there are a ton of budgie sounds online or you could record your own birds.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 02:13 PM

Aww lagirl, I am so sorry. You must be worried sick.
I think a recording of you birds would be great so you can play it really loud outside. Hopefully Peace would hear his friends and find his way back. If you have an extra cage I would leave it outside at all times with water and food and like Helwa said mirrors for reflection. Put the recoding of birds right next to it. Keep searching and asking everyone you see to keep their eyes open for the little guy.
GOOD LUCK!!! We'll be thinking of you. Prayers and positive thinking((((((()))))))
Posted By: Darkness

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 02:24 PM

Oh no! I do hope you find him. Everyone's suggestions are great! Good luck and keep us posted.
Posted By: ___JA

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 03:49 PM

How terrible! Everyone has good suggestions. I hope you find him, please let us know how it goes when you're able to. Good luck.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 03:51 PM

Lagirl, I feel so badly for you!! I do hope you find peace before tonight. If you don't find him just keep prayers that a bird lover will (or maybe a novice that will turn into a bird lover having been adopted by Peace). I'll be sending prayers and warm wishes that Peace finds his way back to you!!!

Posted By: lagirl143

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 07:48 PM

Oh the recording sound of bugies is an excellent idea, thank you so much!!! I actually found some clips from Lisa’s site ( & my birds went crazy over it, I leave the cage outside in the shade & cover it up on the top a bit. I’ve been playing the budgie sound all morning so hopefully Peace will somehow find his way back. I also posted up signs all over my neighborhood & talked to a few neighbors about him too. The weather is very nice today, there are lots and lots of trees around so I hope Peace is doing ok. I have a feeling that he’s been hiding in those jungle of trees at the end of our street, it’s a huge area & I see lots of little wild birds eating on the trail...arggg too bad it’s a no-trespassing area... I'm just feeling so bad for Peace right now, he must be really scared....he's such a shy & sweet boy. Thank you for your all your warm wishes. I'll keep praying & looking for him....This is a rather quite neighborhood so I hope the firework won't be too much tonight.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 08:28 PM

Aww man I was hoping for some good news. frown

Do the people who own the "no trespassing" area live right there? Maybe you could tell them about your missing bird and ask if you can look for him there? If they don't live around there I would search there anyway.Unless it's a dangerous area? What they don't know won't hurt em!
Still keeping fingers crossed. GOOD LUCK hope he comes home safely.
Posted By: baby blue

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/04/09 08:35 PM

oohhh sweetie,
my heart goes out to you. it is the most indescribable feeling in the world. i have experienced it myself. it is especially bad when it is in a wooded area, any breath of wind and the rustling of the trees makes it nearly impossible to hear anything else.
gee, i wish i could do something for you... my stomach hurts at the thought of what you are going through.
one of the first things i did was call the spca and tell them my budgie got outside. i asked them to let me know if someone reported finding a bird of that description and put signs up in the neighborhood and the convenience stores etc... close to our home.
i also spent alot of time walking and calling.
keets in the wild, don't travel by recognition of areas by sight. even if they did... it is tough because our tame birds have never been out to be able to see an area, let alone be able to recognize it. i was told to walk and call as much as possible and play keets calling out to each other. many times, our lost friends will holler back to "the others" and we can kinda home in on an area.
leaving the cage next to the house may work because it is the one thing it will recognize by sight. check shaded areas and lower spots. they don't like the tops of the trees, they like sheltered areas.
i did alot of bush crashing, day and night. my saviors were the spca. the person who found ozzy had called, reporting the little bird they found. she was THREE BLOCKS AWAY.
you and peace are in my thoughts and prayers. a friend told me about sending positive "vibes". they are coming your way, full force.
good luck lagirl,
baby blue.
Posted By: lagirl143

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/05/09 05:17 AM

There’s only a slim hope in me by now, it’s been more than 24 hrs already & still not a single sign or call from anyone. And especially with all the fireworks tonight too...sigh... I stopped by the local animal shelter this afternoon (truly an eye-opening experience) & there were zero birdies there. But I’ll still try to wake up early tomorrow & start looking for him again. The no-trespassing area near my house is controlled by the city, it’s already closed down when we moved here so I doubt if they’ll let anyone in. It’s extremely difficult trying to listen for a sign of him around this “wilderness”. Well, at least I hope it provides him a safe & warm shelter at night if he’s still hiding around. This morning I passed by that area & I saw a few little birds eating on the trail. It looks pretty safe but God knows what really happening in there. I just wish I was there when he flew out so I have an idea of which direction to concentrate on looking for him. This is definitely one of the most indescribably experiences I’ve ever had like you said baby blue. It fills with guilt, sadness, disappointment & so many other feelings. It’s amazing how a tiny creature can have such a tremendous impact on us. It must have been such a relieve when you found Ozzy...and 3 blocks away, wow, I need to search & put signs up further from my house tomorrow then. Thanks again everyone, God I hope he's doing ok tonight...
Posted By: tweetymom

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/05/09 05:32 AM

Aw I'm so sorry. But Aminah said they sometimes will come home in a few days. That is encouraging.
Posted By: choirmom

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/05/09 05:47 AM

I feel so badly for you. I too had the misfortune of giving Bluebird away. He just wouldn't leave my sick bird alone. Now it looks like I'm going to have Yellowbird put to sleep; he is showing signs that he is in pain. (cancer)

So I Plan on replacing my birds immediately. Maybe that would be the best thing for you to do.

My prayers are with you. Hopefully, the good Lord will keep our birds safe.
Posted By: baby blue

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/05/09 05:34 PM

the most important thing i can say to you is DON'T BLAME YOURSELF.
it happens and there is no control. when ozz got out, i had both my arms in that little cage door (to my elbows) ozzy had her foot caught in a toy and was thrashing, hard. she would have broken her leg if i took time to go inside, so i did it in the garage. got her foot loose and both my arms were still in the cage and in less than the blink of an eye, she was out and gone. i beat myself up HARD but a friend talked to me and made me realize that it was beyond my control.
i know though, that you think of them scared, lost, hungry... but there is stii nothing you can do but try. if, sadly, you do not find him, you should have a clesn concience and know you did all you could.
the thing my friend said that helped me the most was that, you are trying. so many birds are in the position that you are thinking of and are indoors, with people "supposed" to be taking care of them and just don't care and will stand by while these birds in their care experience all of these things you are thinking about. pm me if you want to.
baby blue
Posted By: lagirl143

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/06/09 07:04 AM

Choirmom, I’m so sorry to hear your sad news about Yellowbird too. It always breaks our heart when our baby is in pain...I lost my first keet last year due to illness too so I understand how you feel. Best wishes to both of you!!!! I talked to a few neighbors this morning; one of them saw a parakeet perched on the top of the bird cage like...2 months ago. My heart skipped a beat when I first heard the story, until he said the 2 months part ~_~. I’ll probably get another male to even out the flock, it’s just so sad & different every time I look at the cage now - even with the 3 keets left, it just looks so empty, so depressing. Babyblue, that sounds like a very scary moment & I’m very glad that you got your baby back, it's truly a miracle. I just feel so frustrated cuz one of my greatest passions of owning caged birds was to leave the cage open as much as possible when I’m around so they could have some freedom => and that’s how I lost Peace at the same time too you know...I know they are caged birds, that’s how they’ve been raised, but I always feel bad they’re locked in the cage all day long, no matter how big the cage is, or how many toys & treats I bought. So when I just lost Peace, I actually have the thought of giving up having birdies altogether. I get too paranoid & scared when I open the cage, it just feels so weird. But I know I can never give up on them, there are too many unbelievable bird owners out there (I saw a tiny cage with 4 cockatiels & 1 parakeet this morning, along with many more similar cases seen before). I know I still want to help as many as I can - but with a whole lot more cautions from now on. 1st bird lost mainly from sister dropping birdie into toilet, 2nd one from Mommy letting the house door opened, maybe I should just lock the cage when I’m not home from now on...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/06/09 07:46 AM

dont give up looking for peace, birds can come home weeks after flying off, it all depends on his survival skills.

i would keep bird seed outside in the yard where he can see it from trees and flying over.

also keep your window open sometimes, specially right around sunset when it starts to get dark like around 5 or 6 until dark.

this is when birds return to their flocks and roost for the night, so they call ech other....if he hears them calling him he will look for the sound and might find you smile
Posted By: val313

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/06/09 04:11 PM

oh hon! I am so sorry to hear about this. Many hugs to you. I truely hope that you find your little one. Sending hopes and prayers for you and your keets.
Posted By: Caninerz

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/09/09 11:29 AM

you can report a lost bird here -
Posted By: baby blue

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 07/09/09 04:17 PM

my thoughts are with you, my prayers include you.
Posted By: choirmom

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 08/10/09 03:28 AM

Everyone has been wonderful! Yellowbird is thriving since Bluebird left their cage. Somedays he sings most of the day. Seeing birds outside of the window gets him all excited. But their are days like today when he slept most of the day. I think the weather, the barometer, has something to do with it. Other than that he shows no signs of sickness. Was the vet correct?
Posted By: **mattie**

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 08/10/09 10:20 PM

I am soooo sorry, to hear that lagirl.
Did you use the report that Caninerz gave you?
Do you have any luck yet?
Prayers are with you, dear!

Good luck.
I really hope you find him soon.
Posted By: Sprite97

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 08/10/09 11:59 PM

Originally Posted By: baby blue
the most important thing i can say to you is DON'T BLAME YOURSELF.
it happens and there is no control.
baby blue

Thats something I wish I would have none when Sprite got his foot stuck when I let him out of the cage (untamed) luckily I got him back safely.
Posted By: choirmom

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 08/12/09 12:15 AM

Yes, I reported Bluebird right away. I Just checked that website and he hasn't been found yet.
Posted By: baby blue

Re: My baby flew away :(((( - 08/12/09 05:31 AM

i hope you are doing ok. i just wanted to say hello and you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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