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bathing beauties/english budgies

Posted By: tweetymom

bathing beauties/english budgies - 05/23/09 09:21 PM

Hey Fabutam, could you show a picture of caleb and one of your regular sized birdies so I can compare? People have said that my Tweety is an english budgie or has it in him. He is not quite as big as the other post on here of a comparison, but he's a lot bigger that my other three.
Posted By: Fabutam

Re: bathing beauties/english budgies - 05/23/09 11:01 PM

Ermm.. I only have English budgies as I am in England! (rare to find smaller ones) Two of them... Caleb and Inara.. no other birds here, unless you are counting me in? Sorry! BUT I do know English ones are bigger than Americans (WOW! The one thing we have bigger than them!!! LOL!!)
Sorry Tweetymom! grin
Posted By: tweetymom

Re: bathing beauties/english budgies - 05/23/09 11:06 PM

HAHAHAHA! That is funny. and apparently true.??!! LOL. For some reason I thought you had more than two! Oh well.

And by the way, your birds are really beautiful. Thanks again for the bath show.
Posted By: baby blue

Re: bathing beauties/english budgies - 05/24/09 04:27 AM

i am going through the same with ozzy.she is larger but not nerly double size. the vet weighed her and she is 48, i have to get my pics on !!! are there any other ways to tell?
Posted By: tealcandtina

Re: bathing beauties/english budgies - 05/25/09 02:58 AM

Our birdie Peanut is a gray American and still young, has the bars down to the cere. But she weighs twice as much as Tealc' or Tina or any of the others. Very heavy, bigger but not over weight. I think there is some English in her haystack!
I need to post some pics....Gotten lazy!
Posted By: tweetymom

Re: bathing beauties/english budgies - 05/25/09 04:12 AM

yea we need an update!
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