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this mornings adventure

Posted By: ShamRockStar

this mornings adventure - 04/20/07 06:39 PM

lol I gave them baths and they're looking at me as if they would very much like to kill me
I had to do it though, there was something wrong with Noubas cere and I couldnt tell if it was just something in or on it or if it was injured. Thankfully it looks normal now smile

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this is me trying to take a picture of her cere pre bath to post it here and ask if anyone knew what was wrong with it lol, she climbed to the back of my neck the second she heard the camera come on smile

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see how off it looks? in real life it looked as if there had been a chunk taken out of the right side and the left nare had caved in, and I heard her fighting with darcy this mornign before we woke up so i was worried.

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so I gave them a bath because she wasn't acting oddly which i thought se would be if darcy had mutilated her cere and now it looks pretty normal. I think it's just cetting crustier, either way she has two openings which is the important part and she doesnt show any signs of bleeding, I'm gonna go over to the Banfeild at Petsmart today to see if they do birds because that's where Kila went...

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and poor Darcy got the worst of the bath... why? cuz Nouba pushed him back in the sink after his turn was over because she didn't wanna go in, so you know what happened, I pushed her in there with him lol.

Its amazing thouhg, while she was waiting I put her up on our towel hooks cuz they're about the size of a perch but they're above my head and the second she was up there whenever my hand went near her she bit me. I really think her problem is that she thinks she's in charge lol. I'm so happy that I know that now because now, I can lower her cage and get her to believe that I am in fact in charge, not her smile
Posted By: Sunittles

Re: this mornings adventure - 04/21/07 02:04 AM

Aww, cuties! laugh
Glad to hear everything's okay. :]
But they look PRECIOUS in those pictures ... So cute!
Posted By: Confused

Re: this mornings adventure - 04/21/07 03:00 AM

that's adorable! i wish my budgieboos were that tame...and that my two cats wouldn't eat them... :P
Posted By: ShamRockStar

Re: this mornings adventure - 04/21/07 07:04 AM

i have a cat too, he just gets locked away when the birds are out
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