The contribution rate of Bangladeshi fishery production to the GDP has been increasing at an average of over 5% per year in recent years. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Bangladesh is the sixth-largest aquaculture producer in the globe. Bangladesh's fishery industry is dominated in inland fisheries. Inland fishery production relies on large breeders (inland enclosed water). Bangladesh's total inland fishery production area is approximately 5.3 million hectares. 92.27% of these are inland open water, while 7.73% of the closed waters are. This means that the aquaculture industry is able to produce less than 10% of its production waters. Nearly 55% produce fish products. 78% of total fishery production is produced in the inland. The natural growth of the fish in inland open waters is the only thing that can sustain fishing activities.
The second-largest foreign exchange earner in Bangladesh is fishery products, behind garment exports. Shrimp, dried fish and shark fin are all export products. Frozen shrimp and frozen fish are the most important export products. Bangladesh exports about 5% of its total export revenue to the United