Transportation Logistics
Moving large quantities of tires is one of the most significant costs associated with waste tire recycling and finding a budget-friendly solution is imperative to preserving your business profits. While some recyclers opt to transport tires using their own fleet of vehicles, others contract that work out to other companies. Crumb rubber powder is made from scrapped waste tire or any other rubber products.

Not every truck driving down the highway is completely full. You may be able to buy space on an “as needed” basis on fleet vehicles with smaller loads or returning home from a delivery. Depending on your location, one option may work better than the others.

According to the industry rule of thumb, you should expect to pay roughly one dollar for every mile you transport a tire, regardless of shipment size. However, you can collect a nominal fee for picking up tires. When you weigh that cost of transportation against the income from fees, the two values balance each other out, as long as you don’t exceed 150 miles in distance. Picking up tires at greater distances eats into your profit margin.