Modafinil is recommended for the treatment of excessive narcolepsy-associated sleepiness with or without cataplexy in adults. Excessive sleepiness is characterized as difficulty retaining wakefulness in inappropriate circumstances and an increased risk of falling asleep. The active ingredient in the capsules is modafinil. You may boost narcolepsy and lower the risk by buying Modafinil online.

How to take Modafinil

Always take this drug exactly as you have been told by your doctor. If you are not sure, consult with your physician or pharmacist. Do not buy Modafinil without prescription. Tablets should be swallowed whole.

For Adults 200 mg a day is the minimum recommended Modafinil dosage.

For elderly patients (over 65 years of age)100 mg a day is the minimum recommended Provigil dosage. Your doctor can only increase your dosage.

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