Secondly, CCB is not a percentage increase, but a static boost of NBA 2K21 MT +30 range strike within the Rune Crossbow. Clearly +120 compared to +90 is a massive difference, a difference of 33 percent. However, I'm utilizing range-boosting armour to get a range attack of +141 using Rune crossbow, so CCB will be +171. Therefore, CCB will probably be just 21% more precise than rune, ignoring the accuracy increase from Void (it likely doesn't matter anyway as it stacks multiplicatively) So, dismissing the difference from eagle eye, it's a selection of +5% damage AND accuracy, as opposed to +21% precision. Currently by canceling out the +5% accuracy from rigour by dividing by 1.05, the choice boils down to +5% damage or +15.5% accuracy. hmm.

Funny Bunny stated: Also keep in mind a twisted recharge using a blend of tokens and gp costs 20k tokens. I am not sure your current prices but remember that eventually you'll achieve floors that provide 20k litres each day. Considering these flooring can take 23-28 minutes, and I doubt you'd have the ability to make 2 mil in this period in frosts, it becomes worthwhile to just use tokens for your repair. And although you can not currently get that many tokens that quickly, keep in mind that there are limited uses to tokens and that there is no disturbance in their own value (meaning the tokens that you earn now will be well worth the same theoretically as those you make when you are 120 Dung). A good analogy would be the idea of conserving your effigies until you can do them yourself; Either way the ending reward will be the same (Dragonkin Lamp), the only difference is what you give up on your way to getting there (in this specific instance xp in a variety of skills).

So the jist of this ; Get CCB and recharge chaotics with Buy MT NBA 2K21 tokens. I do not really have a fantastic team, so that I get on typical 10-11k tokens each hour, the equal of 0.9-1m. Yeah, that's less than what I could earn from doing other stuff.