So i have this new baby Budgie, he is 15 weeks old this Thursday. He doesnt chirp or sing, he did more when i first got him, but now rarely any sounds. I know baby budgies tend not to be so chirpy, so I underttand that, but he does not play with an toys, he doesnt explore his cage, he sits there FROZEN in one spot all day long! I even have a camera in his room so I can watch if he is active while I am away at work and he is all alone, but NOTHING STILL! He will eat, never seen him drink water at all, and he is fluffed up most of the time even though the room is a comfortable warmth. I have gotten him use to getting on my finger already and i will put him on my shoulder where he will stay unless he see's his cage and makes a break for that. But he will go up and downstairs with me and stay on my shoulder, he even groomed me slightly while on my shoulder in the bathroom last night. But he is not active, I talk to him and he listens, but he does nothing, just frozen on his perch; even after 3 weeks of me spending ALOT OF TIME WITH HIM, and feeding him mullets, he doesn't do anything. ANY ADVICE!? I even put up a mirror for him which he could care less about and i even put Budgie noises on for 10 hours and he use to squak to them, but he no longer does; its like he KNOWS THESE ARE NOT REALY BUDGIES in the mirror or the sounds.