hello!! my two healthy, happy parakeets recently had a clutch of two. they're around 3½ weeks, now, and one of the chicks are not standing. her name is bee, and she does not have splayed legs. she gets around wonderfully, but she just doesn't lift her chest off the ground?? she's nowhere near as energetic as her sibling, houston, who runs around and bites curiously and flaps his wings. bee and her sibling come out for around five minutes twice everyday to exercise, and she recently has begun not standing. she'll curl up to your palm instead. her breathing is not stressed, and she can stand for about two seconds at a time before returning to crawl. she's not weak and can move around with ease (got out of the nesting box twice) and pushes against my hand strongly. this is the first time my parakeets have raised a clutch and I've hit a bit of a wall. I'm really worried. anyone know what this could be?? thank you so much!!