“I need help, my budgie got a wound cause by applying silver nitrate on his feet too skin on 7th February. That area of toe skin became black. While I was cleaning his foot i realized that the black skin was crust and I take it out and clean it with peroxide and then applied an antibiotic ointment. Some blood came out and I clean it with peroxide.
Then I realized he was lifting his right foot where he has the wound (1st March) and the vet decided to take a sample of his feet toe making the wound even bigger.

I realized my budgie wasn’t unable to perch comfortably. I check him and he didn’t have reaction on that toe . It doesn’t Shrink anymore so while perching that toe is totally straight. I think that when the vet actually took the sample making the wound bigger damage some crucial nerves.

His feet toe is a matter of concern that is killing me . Due to the fact that he has a bit of pododermatitis and that the wound got infected with staphylococcus ( which were that analysis results) I’m following the procedure of desinfecting both foot clorexhedine Applying drops of Enrofloxacin to his foot and then applying an antibiotic cream.

The vet said that cicatrization in birds is fast and that if after a week it hasn’t heal . We should take an x- ray of the toe and if the feet is compromised we should be thinking of amputation as operations in small bird are really difficult!

Please help me,
Perhaps this is paralysis due to the wound. If the wound heals he could probably recover the mobility of the food (hypothesis 1)

If nerve is damaged, could nerves regenerate. I have read that acupuncture and physiotherapy can help the bird to recover 90% (hypothesis 2). I have also read that when there is nerve damaga, the toe gets curly

I was also told remotely by a veterinarian that it seems that the flexor tendon is ruptured. Can it be operated?

Some budgie lovers told me that it seem to be necrotico issue that have get deep to the bone and that it’s almost imposible for him to regain movement.

This situation is breaking my heart and I’m getting frustrated and depressed . I Hope you can guide me on this matter.

Is there some product that helps regenerate skin ?

I just want to help him out and don’t regret it for the rest of my life.
I’m looking forward for you to help me please
God bless you