Here's a story about my green keet, Nazo, and her first encounter with pizza smile.

One day we had Nazo's cage in the kitchen and had brought home a box of pepperoni pizza. We opened Nazo's cage door so she could hang out with us while we ate dinner. Nazo watched us with great interest as we consumed our pizza slices.

As we reached the end of the meal, my son, James, reached for the last slice and brought it up to his mouth. Nazo saw her chance! She flew down from the cage, landed RIGHT in the middle of the slice of pizza (cheese, sauce and all) and began eating the crust from between James' fingers! Her tail was sticking right in James' face.

We thought this was hilariously funny and James put the slice down so Nazo could eat it in peace. She pecked away with great glee, nibbling the crust and the tomato bits. We got some paper towels and when she was done we convinced her to hop around on the paper towel for a while, so her feet would get cleaned off.

We're careful not to let her out when we eat pizza, now, in case a piece is still hot enough to hurt her! But we do save the crusts for her, which she enjoys greatly smile

Lisa Shea, Owner