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Foot problem #423881 06/13/12 02:12 AM
Joined: Jun 2010
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wise Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 142
Hi all, It s long time I haven't post here. This time I need some help. I found my keet Jiji's foot has slightly problem. He seems put most of his weight on his left foot. But his right foot doesn't hv any wound or swelling. He looks all right and he would come out of his cage to fly and play but I just notice the problem of his foot.
Does it relate to his weight because he's now a bit over weight (45g)?

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Re: Foot problem [Re: wise] #423882 06/13/12 02:49 AM
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illusive Fantasy Offline
Platinum Star Soulmate
Platinum Star Soulmate
Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 7,295
thats not a weight issue altho he needs to trim down...cut out the fatty stuff like oats or groats ...and flax limit...give a lot more out time AFTER you bring to a avian vet but this could be a result of BUMBLE FOOT OR GOUT...if its GOUT its not good news a precaution dont give any animal soluables into food such as ANY egg goods or soy products..anything in the dairy line...

With more emphasis being giving to DIETARY INSUFFICIENCIES, which are the MAIN reason for this disease in our birds. Lack of the VERY important ***VITAMIN A*** along with some important minerals is the cause of this disease....i have always emphasized this over n over and what foods are high in vitamin A such as BEET LEAF...SWEET POTATOE...CARROT ..CRUSHED RED PEPPER SEEDS....there is sooooo many related disease with a lack of this vitamin alone...if your bird wont eat beat leaf or cooked beets or carrot thats why i also tell of BEET POWDER AND CARROT powder into the diet is a must...instead of water give CARROT JUICE if the bird wont eat carrot

(it is important to ALWAYS keep a NON-FLAVORED mineral block ..some signs of this are:

Restlessness in a this disease is painful and affects liver and kidney and joints. The bird will shift its weight from leg to leg and, you may also notice a wing which droops.

The bird increasingly is reluctant to perch or climb.

Also, as this increases you may notice the toes of the bird will not encircle the perch in a gripping way, but rather are held away and out from the perch sometimes almost in a straight position away from the perch itself.

Make no mistake about the fact that this is a killer disease and once showing signs of external symptoms, prognosis is not good. There is no reversal treatments to the presence of this already set up within the bird...and this is all thru the bird even internally and is very very painful an there is not cure...eventually what happpens is death.

Increase VITAMIN A in the diet...DECREASE PROTEIN...

BUMBLE FOOT if let go can become also a case where the bird could get into jeopardy as the joints in the feet begin to swell to abnormal size...this is easily AVOIDED with different size perches and not all one size in thickness and different texture perches and of course CLEANLINESS...rope perch one or two of the oyster shell perches only ...not to thin a perch where toes can curl all the way around...keep nails at a reasonable length...

read about bumblefoot


This is a painful condition that can potentially be life endangering

dont waste time guessing what is wrong ...see a AVAIN vet...

and there is no blood test that will show gout only one test will and its really a simple test and doesnt take long to get the results on its called.. murexide test ..and doesnt require exrays either....

there is only one medication that will give SOME relief but not a cure...again there is no cure this just gets worse and becomes very painful.

are the birds droppings normal the things mentioned above are two things which id be suspicious of...that weight says ..his diet has not been adjusted and understood that he gained that much and EXCERCISE for three hours a day is very necessary in a needs to fly and play.

ive always said also watch PORTIONS of what you feed ...ratios...protein should be kept low ...not over 11percent.

you may .... private message me wise if you like.

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Re: Foot problem [Re: wise] #423883 06/13/12 07:05 PM
Joined: Nov 2009
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illusive Fantasy Offline
Platinum Star Soulmate
Platinum Star Soulmate
Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 7,295 you see any joint swelling...anywhere on the leg...sometimes a bird will just rest a foot or tuck one up and stand on only one leg...maybe even sleep standing on one leg but this is only done sure to check for any lumps to lower body weight issue could mean maybe a tumor ...

maybe he is just resting a foot but i doubt thats the case as im sure you would know about that as you have more than one bird and would of seen this with the others how they like to rest a foot...

thank you for the private mssg ive responded to it and with more questions smile which you can also get back to me on in private

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